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Wisdom of the Heart - Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra CD

Radiant all,

Prajna-Paramita Hrdaya Sutram (Heart Sutra) is one of the most important and famously known Buddhist Sutra. This sutra about Avalokiteshvara (Kwan Yin), the Bodhisattva of Compassion, meditating deeply on Perfection of Wisdom.

One can practise the heart sutra through listening attentively or joining in to recite along, generating compassion for self and all sentient beings.

Repeat each practice with the intention of deepening your roots of compassion, opening your heart chakra through positive lofty thoughts.

“May all sentient beings be at peace, be free from suffering, be loved.”


Yantara Jiro 🙏💖🌈

While the Avalokitesvara has thousand arms to reach out in helping sentient beings ease their sufferings, may we laymen and laywomen here use our sincere voices to sing the Heart Sutra, to bring across the most genuine Compassion and Wisdom to people in this world.
Sadhu to brother Yantara Jiro for his impeccable musical version of the Prajna-Paramita Hrdaya Sutram.
- Imee Ooi

The Wisdom of the Heart - Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra CD is now available in Singapore, Taiwan, China, Japan and the UK.

Purchase a copy through your nearest local contact below:

Europe and US -

Japan -

Taiwan -

Singapore and other countries -

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