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Quantum Energy Healing

What is Quantum Healing?

Arcturus Quantum Healing or Quantum Healing is a powerful healing technique during which the energy of high dimensional beings from the Arcturus star system are summoned through the use of intention, symbols and light language. 

Light Language Codes and Quantum Healing Arts

Sacred geometries through light language are also transmitted through recording from the Arcturians, listeners may potentially experience deeper resonance with the Universe after several listenings and through entering deeper states of relaxation.


We invite you to listen to this Acrturus Quantum Hearth Activation Healing Meditation to clear off any Karmic heart blockages, to replace with greater love and inner acceptance. To ground into self-nurture and love of self.

LD-Healing2 (1).JPG

How to Become a Quantum Healer

If you are interested to learn more about the quantum healing arts, its codes and have a deeper understanding of how quantum energy healing works you can contact Yantara to attend a one-to-one or group session.

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