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Yantara Jiro's


Wisdom of the Heart CD Cover.jpg

Heart Sutra

Prajna-Paramita Hrdaya Sutram (Heart Sutra) - about Avalokiteshvara (Kwan Yin), the Bodhisattva of Compassion, meditating deeply on Perfection of Wisdom.

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Crystal Rainbows

Crystal Rainbows is an album dedicated to the well-being of listeners. Each track is carefully and deliberately composed and arranged to offer quality acoustic harmonics. The overtones recorded are rich and deep, often resulting in layers upon layers of sonic colors for listening pleasure.


This album is sold as a set with Gifts of Blessing.

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Crystal Rainbows Cover Image2014.jpg
Gifts of Blessings ENG-CHINESE Cover.jpg

Gifts of Blessing

Gifts of Blessings is a guided activations album designed to assist the listeners to allow their mind-body-heart towards well-being. Every word is carefully spoken and recorded in the space of alignment with Source energy. Each track seeks to uplift the consciousness to greater heights, elevating the perspective of listener to gain clarity and insights into personal life.

This album is sold as a set with Crystal Rainbows. 

Contact us to request a copy. 

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