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Mastering Your Spiritual Blueprint

Living Your Highest Potential

Aligning to Your Source Energy

Experience an intimate private session with Yantara Jiro to help to master your unique blueprint to bring about the alignment and transformation you seek. All of us need to be connected to what we call 'Source Energy' in order to function and feel connected with our life's purpose. When we are not fully in our flow in life this can cause a feeling of disconnection with life around us. 

Depending on your intentions (which could be related to your relationship, career path, health, business, life path, spiritual path or anything specific you wish to work on), Yantara will specifically tailor your session using the most effective tools for your personal empowerment and growth. These could include coaching methods to support mental and emotional shifts to gain clarity and re-wiring of perspectives. Channelling or sound may be used in order to support the release mental and emotional blockages. 

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A Personalised Session

Your session may include (based on individuals needs and intentions):

  • Healing on vital energy body promoting well-being and alignment

  • Messages and personalised light language activations

  • Powerful coaching to help break free from self-limiting beliefs and fears

  • Reconnecting with your soul to receive guidance 

  • Support in finding your soul's purpose  

  • Chakra and energy clearing 


Benefits of Mastering Your Spiritual Blueprint

This session is suitable for people who have questions or are in need of guidance on - their direction in life, career, relationships, health (well-being) and spiritual growth; Finding a sense of purpose, healing and unity with Self and Oneness. 

Booking Information

  • Price for Each Session: In-Person/Zoom, 60mins / $880SGD

  • (Session Recording will be uploaded, a download link will be provided)

  • To book for an appointment, please email: or contact +65 8822-1129 [Please note this service is currently unavailable. We will announce when Yantara Jiro's private session slots are open for booking.]

Who is this session for?

Mastering your Spiritual Blueprint is designed for individuals who are seeking to resolve personal issues.

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