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Accelerated Quantum Group Activation Session (In-Person)

Tranforming Through Co-Creation

Becoming A Conscious Co-Creator


Your accelerated group session is a co-creation through the collective intent submitted by each person upon applying. Your accelerated group session is a co-creation through the collective intent submitted by each person upon applying. 

Intentions from each person can vary but often are connected and may serve as remedies for others in the group, liken to each carrying a puzzle piece coming together to complete a beautiful picture.

The Structure of a Quantum Group Activation Session


(subject to changes based on the group needs and intentions):

  1. A quick follow-up on intentions from each participant may take place.

  2. Your group activation session will take place in person and lying down in a comfortable position. We also encourage you to be motivated and excited, open-minded and open-hearted, ready to allow and to receive, to invite all the benefits from the envisioned intentions to emerge from your heart.

  3. There will be a short break given before a longer activation begins.

  4. During the session, you will be guided to deeply journey into your own Quantum state of consciousness where Infinite Intelligence permeates the fabric of space and time, and into the grounded being of your physical existence.

  5. After your group session is complete, you will receive the personalised sonic prescription of transmitted sounds and activations from the recorded session. You are encouraged to listen to this ‘Sonic Prescription’ to further reinforce and strengthen the work that has taken place.

  6. Yantara Jiro will brief everyone on the frequency of how often to listen to per day or week and the duration.

  7. The sonic prescription will perpetuate the momentum and integration of the work, many clients have reported that even months after their session, they continue to receive insights and profound changes regularly.

Booking Information

  • Price for Each Session: In-Person only, 120 mins / Rates to be updated.

  • (Please bring a USB Stick for your Session Recording or receive via email with download link)

  • Please note this service is temporarily unavailable as in-person sessions are currently not possible. 

In Yantara's experience, it is potent to work in an intimate group dynamic. Because we naturally share our spiritual gifts through the quantum field, our DNAs will communicate intensively, and exchange of information to learn from one another non-verbally.

Collectively, we open up a more extensive network and channel of energy to rapidly raise our light quotient and inner awakening. Emotional blockages often caused by wrong thinking, may transcend into pure thoughts in such an environment.

Great Masters of Light and Wisdom, Star Beings and Personal Guides will gather for blessings and transmission. Yantara Jiro will channel through these Great Masters and journey with everyone using Light Languages, visualisations, messages and fast downloads to switch on the energies needed to spark up your activations. All that is necessary, serving towards your intentions will be present.

Your 'Accelerated Quantum Group Activation Session' may also include messages collectively and personally. This is a collective work and unity is the power towards transformation.

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