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Sound Medicine


Quantum Alchemy Crystal Bowls Practitioner (QACBP) Courses 

Quantum Alchemy Crystal Bowls Course

Practitioner - Level 3 (QACBP-03)


Yantara will also teach about the performer’s basic etiquette on playing the alchemy bowls such as the clothing, posture, attitude, transcending emotional and mental challenges, readiness and preparation for a successful and satisfying session to both you and your receivers.

This course will cover the fundamentals needed in stepping forward as a Quantum Alchemy Crystal Bowls Practitioner in your community.


You will have protocols to support clients in areas of well-being such as better sleep, digestion, increasing physical-emotional and mental peak performance, stress-relief and creativity development.


By the end of Level 3 course, students will be able to analyse, prescribe and design unique professional sound sessions solo or group in sound meditation, sound bath and healing concerts.

*Please note, it is required to have completed Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls Level 1&2 before registering for Level 3.

Course Description

Course Description:  Intensive in-depth journey and training with Yantara Jiro on a 5-days course (with one day break) that includes constructive case-study group discussions and creative problem-solving exercises. This course equip the students with further extensive knowledge and application on effectively working with multiple alchemy crystal singing bowls for 1-1 sound healing sessions, in groups and concert.

Individual coaching time will be given towards each student on improving playing skills for soundscape, impulses, mallet techniques and bringing out personal potentials.

We will further explore and practice on raising consciousness and establishing coherence in combining with playing techniques.

Course Theoretical Outline​

  • How cells communicate with external signal and why it is important?

  • Loving self is loving others

  • How to manage anxiety, stress and fear for self and client/group

  • Discover and develop own personal qualities and strength

  • Increase self-worth, courage and confidence

  • Working with Power Spots / Earth Vortexes using Alchemy Crystal Bowls

  • How to plan, design and facilitate a sound healing session or concert

  • Importance of neutrality and impartiality

  • Performer’s Etiquette, Basic Ethics and Professionalism

  • Protocol for Brain, Endocrine, Nerves and Chakras

Course Practical Outline

  • Constructive case-study and creative problem-solving exercises

  • The Art of Zen Soundscape

  • Introduction to ‘Sound Activation’

  • The difference between ‘Sound Meditation’, ‘Sound Bath’, ‘Sound Healing’ and how to do it?

  • How to play the alchemy bowls with background music?

  • Quantum Permutations with Supreme Consciousness

  • Power of Silence and how to use it

  • Sound Healing with guided meditation

  • Clearing & Energising Etheric-Body / Vital Body

  • How to prepare yourself at all levels for a session or concert?

  • How to co-create with multiple alchemy crystal bowl players

  • Practical Empowerment Review

Upcoming Dates:


Course Timings: 

10am - 6pm each course day

Sample Schedule: 

  • 14th - Arrival day (after 3pm). Welcome dinner 6.30pm

  • 15th - Course day 1 - 10am start

  • 16th - Course day 2 - 10am start

  • 17th - Integration day - Review & Rest

  • 18th - Course day 4 - 10am start

  • 19th - Course day 5 - 10am start

  • 20th - Breakfast together, goodbyes and departures


The Broughton Hall Estate, Eden, Skipton BD23 3AE, England


The Broughton Hall Estate is set in stunning Yorkshire Countryside where 33 generations of the Tempest Family have flourished for over 900 years. At Broughton, history and architecture, landscape and luxury all combine a memorable scene.


Train from Kings Cross to Skipton (changing at Leeds) takes 3hrs. Broughton Hall 10 min drive from Skipton station. Closest airport Manchester. Free parking available.



Each guest will stay in either a single or twin/shared room at Eden’s beautiful barn conversion.

Each of the bedrooms is individually designed with a thoughtful blend of flair and tradition. The bathrooms are both imaginative and immaculately presented.


Homemade vegetarian buffet style meals will be offered three times per day, herbal teas and naturopathic snacks will be provided throughout the day.



Participants to attend with Crystal Tones® Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowl

Course Fee:

If you already have a Crystal Tones® Alchemy Singing Bowl purchased with us:

Standard price for single room & course: tbc


Standard price for twin/shared room & course: tbc

If you are joining with a Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowl not purchased with us:


Standard price for single room & course: tbc


Standard price for twin/shared room & course: tbc

Price includes: The course, three daily buffet meals (vegetarian), beverages, accommodation, use of Avalon’s sublime Pool Suite at designated times, Somadome Meditation Experience & Crystal Light Bed. (Complimentary Crystal Light Bed and Somadome Therapies can be booked on site once you arrive).


Additional 1-2-1 Therapies at Avalon Wellbeing Centre or additional food or drinks from Utopia the onsite Bistro are not included. Please see Avalon’s therapy list here – you can book online or by calling 01756692511 six weeks before the start of the retreat.

*Please note*

It is compulsory to have completed Level 1 and Level 2 Alchemy Crystal bowls course with us in order to take part in this course.

Once you have registered for the course an invoice will be sent for payment as well as details of our course pre-requisites and case studies that will need to be completed before joining the course start date. On receipt of payment your place will be confirmed.

Courses Accredited by CMA - London Complimentary Medical Association.

A minimum 80% and above passing marks is required for Level 2 exam (Multiple-Choice Questions), for advancement to next Quantum Alchemy Crystal Bowls Practitioner Course by Yantara Jiro. Students must submit their pre-requisite papers and gained acceptance to Level 3 admission to attend training.

*Cancellation Policy: please see our terms here.

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Quantum Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls Practitioners Course Level 1

A two-day online and one-day in-person course to learn about the art of sound healing and alchemy crystal singing bowls.

Quantum Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls Practitioners Course Level 2

A one-day online and one-day in-person course to advance your sound healing and sound medicine knowledge.

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