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Light Language

Light Language is a series of harmonic sound that the mimics waveforms of light. When spoken from the heart, the “keys” or harmonic tones vibrates as sound waves, are capable of affecting the nervous system and producing profound effect of healing and entering higher states of consciousness.


The light language act as a catalyst to heighten consciousness, which then illuminates the mind to an octave of vibration sufficient for a person to become aware of an expanded consciousness beyond its confined mind. What you become aware of and accepts, it transcends.

When the heart is opened, the world is open for you to experience the vast manifestations of your desires. There is an infinite stream of pure positive energy in the heart which we call Source. It is the power of Creation. That of which is focused upon expands...

What is Light Language?

When people ask Yantara whether light language is something that they can learn, he always say to them that it is not about learning, but rather is about allowing, and be provided the opportunity or given a platform to express the sounds that already within them.


We must not comprehend and engage the Light Language the same way we study and understand our human linguistic formats, for if we do so, we will simply limit our understandings and potentials of its capabilities to what it can do to our consciousness.


Why do we need to speak light language, why not rather just communicate in a structural known language such as ‘English’ instead?


We do not ‘need to’, but rather if we are intrigued, fascinated or being drawn into wanting to experience otherwise by expressing our feelings and thoughts in a different way. E.g. Music and painting has always been used to convey messages and feelings to the world. Light Language or “Language of Vibrations” as Sound can be spoken or sung without the need to construct using proper grammars or tenses giving the person absolute freedom to explore in the infinite field of expressions - Consider the elaborate expressions of emotions using purely vowels in the operatic form.

Light Language does not follow rigid laws of harmonics or the need to produce musical tones. It however only follows the heart and mind of the person who is expressing the sounds. This gives the person who is speaking or singing the ‘language of vibrations’ an opportunity or reason to connect more deeply with their emotions and thoughts. Though this is an elementary way of expressing Light Language and strictly speaking in no way near the refined powerful applications of Light Language, it is still transformative to the aspirant in exploring their Inner-Self.

What is the advantage of Light Language? Compared do other forms of healing techniques like reiki, body talk, massage, flower essence.  


Light Language is a very unique and powerful technique that transcends and unifies the Left and Right Brain. It is an Art that translates vibration into audible frequencies that can cause an immediate rapid shift in one's consciousness and physical alteration. Imagine it as very fine molecules of atomic water flowing into your body, carrying all the information necessary for your body to operate or re-program for specific purposes. In Yantara Jiro's experiences, Light Language is extremely complimentary to all other forms of healing modalities and can be without side-effects work hand-in-hand as an integrated holistic system.

Yantara & Light Language

Yantara utilises the Light Language solely for the purposes of raising consciousness, quantum healing,  bio-transformational work through quantum entanglement. These are often regarded as activation work, downloads or uploading of quantum signals through the environment and intentions.


Recipients often feedback experiencing tingling electrical sensations, a fluctuation of temperature on their body, a shift in consciousness entering into a higher state of coherence or transformational occurrences in various levels of their being - physical-emotional-mental-spiritual.

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Yantara Jiro’s Courses

> At the moment Yantara is hosting courses to learn about quantum and energy healing and how to master your blueprint.

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