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[Free Online Event]
EGYPT ~ The Land of Initiations
2nd May 2024
12.30 pm (London) and 7.30 pm (Singapore)

Duration: 1.5 hours
Zoom Online [Only in ENGLISH]

Egypt stands out as one of the most enchanting and awe-inspiring power spots on Earth. The majority of Egypt's sacred temples and monuments are strategically located along the Ley Lines of the Nile River, mirroring the celestial configuration of our galaxy - The Milky Way, revered by the Ancient Egyptians as the goddess Nuit.

This sacred journey to Egypt holds a prominent place among the ones I've led, consistently providing profound activations for participants. I'll share some cherished encounters with the Gods and Goddesses like Thoth, Isis, and Sekhmet, along with the miraculous experiences I've had in Egypt over the years. Discover why a visit to this sacred land in the Dragon Year of 2024 could lead to a Quantum Leap for spiritual growth and expansion, and why it's considered a crucial pilgrimage for anyone on the Spiritual Path.

Stay tuned for the unveiling of special highlights for this journey and a unique meditation transmission at the end!


See you soon!

Yantara Jiro


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28 Nov ~ 13 Dec 2024


A spiritual evolutionary journey in Egypt with Yantara Jiro from 28 Novemer to 13 December 2024. 

The Powerspots of Egypt have undergone significant enhancements, anticipating our arrival to receive transformative activations. Through our visits and meditations at these venerable Ancient Temples, we open ourselves to profound empowerments and blessings that will resonate in our lives for the next 3-5 years. By aligning with the energy of these sanctified and activated temples and monuments at the right moments, we unlock blessings from the Universe that are not easily accessible through conventional means. 

Our journey will lead us to these potent temples for our spiritual "tune-ups," where we will engage in toning, singing, and cosmic connections. Utilizing the entire Great Pyramid as a majestic Energy Generator, we will elevate our consciousness and synchronize with the vast energies of the Universe.   


* Ascension Awakening Workshop 

* Special Gods/Goddesses Activation Soundtracks 

* Exclusive Private Access to Isis Temple, Orisio Temple of Seti, Flower of Life Enclosure,  Sphinx  & The Great Pyramid’s Temple Sound Activations on 12:12 

*New Chakras Upgrade 

* LIVE Light Language Transmissions

*The Activating Power of Pyramids

*Cosmic Codings from Egyptian Gods and Goddesses

*DNA-Cellular Consciousness Transformation

*King’s Chamber Lightbody Activation Initiations

*Connecting with Star Consciousness

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