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Quantum Energy Healing Courses

Connect with Universal Collective Consciousness of the Stars

Arcturus Quantum Healing® is an online+practical course series that teaches about Chakras & Energy Medicine, Pro-Consciousness Medicine, Quantum Healing, Accessing Higher States of Consciousness, Mantras and practical energy healing protocols for today's holistic and integrative energy healers.


Students in this course will learn multiple disciplinary such as the power of intentions, emotional alignments, chakra-organ relations in Chakra Medicine, visualisations, mantras, crystals, energy symbols, co-creating and channelling with their very own energy Arcturians Healing Team (Level Two) for quantum leap transformations and energy healing!


It is a multi-dimensional integrative energy healing system co-created between Yantara Jiro and his channelled Arcturians Healing Team over two decades taught in five countries.

Arcturus Energy Healing Course Level 1

A 6 weeks online course - 3 weeks prerequisite mind disciplinary meditation leading to another 3 weeks to learn about the arcturian symbol and holistic energy healing techniques.

Quantum Energy Healing Courses
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Healing Courses with Yantara Jiro

The courses are designed for those who want to advance their personal knowledge, but also for those with the intention of becoming teachers, practitioners and healers themselves.

Sound Healing Courses

Sound Healing Courses

These courses will provide you with the fundamental knowledge and applications of Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls along with practical hands-on training on sound healing using the crystal bowls.


Sound Healing is a professional practice that is becoming extremely popular in the world, used by yogi, energy healers, counsellors and doctors. It is a practice supported by Quantum Physics – a practice which through vibrations and sound frequencies induce and inspire wellbeing in humans, plants and animals.


Crystal singing bowls are widely used in sound healing as these tools have the power to bring a person’s mind into the present moment and discharge stress from the nervous system.


Scientific sources and personal experiences are validating this practice more and more, demonstrating how by just listening to relaxing music or healing chants it’s possible to change the mood of a person completely.

Quantum Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls Practitioners Course Level 1

A 5 Week course to learn about the art of sound healing and alchemy crystal singing bowls.

Quantum Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls Practitioners Course Level 2

A Five Week course to advance your sound healing and sound medicine knowledge.


Quantum Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls Practitioners Course Level 3

A 3 Month course, and 5-6 nights practicum for an in-depth journey into sound healing.

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