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Summer Solstice ~ The Dragon Pyramid



The recording is Strictly Available Until 20 July 2024, 4:59 PM (UK), 11:59 PM (SG)


☀️ Kindly note that an extension of the deadline will not be available.

☀️ Ticket sales will end on 18 July 2024, 4:59 PM (UK), 11:59 PM (SG).

Radiant Ones,


It is the time of the year where the sacred sites and ancient monuments align with the Sun during the Summer Solstice. 


I invite you to journey with me in meditation to visit sacred places of another world.


This year, we are called to explore The Dragon Pyramid, a massive complex with many areas to explore.


I have channeled through audio transmissions and included descriptions of each track on how you may receive the activations during meditation.


It is ideal that you either sit or lie down.

You are also recommended to put on your earphones if possible as certain sounds are quite subtle. Though you will receive the energy codings regardless, you may just be interested to hear them.


If you are new to my audio transmissions, each track is carefully created with light languages and channeled tones. They are imprinted with visuals received during my deep meditations for the intention of each energy work. Every vocal sound you hear are impressions of colours, shapes, energy codings, healing and activations.


Sit and relax, enjoy, listen and journey to unfold the depths of these transmissions.


Keep a journal and note your experiences and insights!


Each section of the sound journey unveils a new chapter, a new possibility. It is like watching a movie, reading a book, a life story in the making.


Please note that the tracks are meant to be listened to separately, devoting time to relax into the sounds. Even when the audio has ended, you are invited to remain in silence to integrate, and there is no rush to repeat. If you wish so however, do it slowly and without rush.


Have fun! Have lots of fun! :)


I look forward to hearing about your journeys.


May this Solstice bring you roaring unimaginable gifts!


With so much…



Yantara Jiro

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