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~where your Unification Journey begins~
Two-day workshop in Singapore 
29 & 30 June 2024 
Early registration fee SGD990 until 18th June 2024
Normal fee; SGD1,200

~where your Unification Journey begins~

Experience the transformative power of unifying your mind and heart with the world around you. Join us for ASCENSION, a workshop where you will resonate with the pure vibration of love and appreciation, unlocking the connection between yourself and all life forms. Led by Yantara Jiro, ASCENSION is the culmination of 20 years of experience and realisation. Content includes esoteric teachings, practical applications and spiritual quantum transformations.

From meditation techniques to exploring the esoteric world of spiritual practices, Yantara will share with you his Secret Quantum application for Chakras upgrade work, Lightbodies, and raising consciousness. 

The key to many of the successful spiritual transformations lie in the heart centre, this is where many of the work presented in this workshop will be focusing on.

You will bring back with you a library of practices and empowerments where you will be able to work on yourself actively and passively.

This workshop is for you if you are looking for ways to quantumly upgrade yourself, clear stagnancy in life, clear negative influences and obstacles, heal and upgrade your heart centre to greater love, and receive energetic codings from celestial and inner-earth sacred beings.

Yantara utilises specific visualisation formats to access quantum worlds, some involve sound, others require oral transmissions of sacred sounds and mantras.

Yantara Jiro has been channeling Hermes Trismegistus, his Master Teacher for twenty years. Hermes is also well received and known in many in traditions, some of the names such as Guru Rinpoche, Merlin, Thoth and Buddha have been recorded to be of the same manifestation of Hermes.

Get ready for two full days of accelerated growth!


Ascension is a process and lifelong journey of raising one’s consciousness through spiritual practices for the purpose of developing one’s highest potential.  This could include but is not limited to the exploration and training in meditation, sound healing, crystals, chakras, visualisation and understanding of the Laws of the Universe. When consciousness has heightened, the brain wave states shift the physical, emotional, and mental issues relating to traumas, old wounds, and psychosomatic blockages, which are addressed and healed.


The effects of these often lead to a better understanding of Self and relationships with others, enhanced decision-making and clearing generational traumas, transformation of financial blockages, and increased spiritual awareness and lifestyle.



29 & 30 JUNE 2024 



Explore meditation techniques
Techniques for Fine-Tuning Your Vibrations
Living Your Abundant Life

I AM SOURCE Meditation
The Inner Heart Library
Light Breath by Hermes Trismegistus
The Golden Tree

Sound Transmissions
Chakras and Lightbodies Work
Hermes’ Secret Mantra

Inner Earth Journeys
Star Codes & Blueprints
Building Your Healing Garden Sanctuary


1.1 Participants MUST commit to the full two-day workshop, partial participation is not allowed.

1.2 To increase the potential and positive results of each energy work presented in the workshop, we recommend participants to adopt a vegetarian diet (abstain from all meat and seafood) a week prior and during the workshop. Yet keeping in mind listening to your body and that a balanced nutrition and healthy lifestyle with adequate exercise is strongly encouraged. 

Privileges & Permissions:

2.1 Participants may audio record the meditation portion for personal practice only. 

2.2 No video recording is allowed.

2.3 Workshop manual is for personal reference only; proper attribution is required for any shared content.

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3.1 All materials, techniques and information shared during the workshop are not meant to replace or reject any on-going medical treatment participants may have.

3.2 Each participant’s experience is personal and unique. 

3.3 We do not claim to provide guaranteed results but only seek to provide opportunities, potentials and space to explore for the well-being of each participant. We seek to support participants attain the objective of the workshop as closely as possible to each owns’ willingness and progress.


3.4 All personal belongings are under the responsibility of participant’s care and keep. We will not hold responsibility for any loss of items during the workshop within or outside the premise of the venue.

We encourage:

4.1 Approach the workshop with an opened heart, release undesired expectations and personal judgments on self and others during the course of study.

4.2 To recognise and honour the space where meditations and teachings are held.

4.3 Minimise idle conversations so as to free the mind and to sustain a prolonged state of relaxation and positive upliftment.

4.4 We appreciate your understanding and thank you in advance for providing space to individuals who are in chapters of their journey needing release.

4.5 Group support and encouragement and that nothing is too ashamed to be expressed for the union and dissolution of dark and light is a personal yet collective effort.

4.6 Sharing these guidelines to help maintain and create a learning environment that is ideal for everyone to be in.

Ready to embark on your Ascension Journey training? Reserve your spot today and experience the transformation firsthand!

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Venue Address - RELC Hotel, 30 Orange Grove Rd, Singapore 258352. Level 5, Room 503. 


Everyone is welcome, no previous experience is necessary.



Daily: 10 am - 6 pm 


  • Comfortable and loose clothing where you can move in freely.

  • Please bring a yoga mat and cushion to make yourself cosy and comfortable.

  • If you're sensitive to cold, bring a shawl, cardigan or jacket. 

  • A note pad or journal and writing materials to make notes.

  • Refillable water bottle to keep yourself hydrated.

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