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Stillness - And the Journey Ahead

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

Radiant All!

We are finally approaching Spring! Are you feeling there is more space now to release, to heal, to let go and expand? We will be utilising our energies this month to have in-depth productive positive discussions so as to open up avenues of possibilities!

Been having new ideas and inspirations? Keep those flowing!

The FULL MOON on 27 February brought us auspicious blessings, easing tensions and soothing rough edges of our thoughts and emotions. Though we are still birthing new realities, the process only becomes easier when we let go of our attachments and struggles toward the unknown. So please allow your creativity to flourish.

March is also a month to focus on the Heart Chakra. To heal and nourish our being. Feel the tenderness of your heart center and gather strength to align yourself with Source.

As I listened to this beautiful piece "Cherry Blossoms" by Jia Peng Fang, a passage about Stillness arose.


Stillness - And the Journey Ahead

Yantara Jiro

Let us take a moment to relax our body and settle into our breath - feel our ever changing mindscape of thoughts and journey through the landscape of our emotions.

Such is, the beauty of this world calling upon our constant attention to respond and to react. How often does one ponder deep enough to explore the possibilities of our consciousness? How will then if one is doing so then reap the benefits while courageously exploring the psyche of one's heart? Though human beings have come a long way developing great intelligence, and surpassing limitations to greater heights of achievement than our closest primates. But have we truly become happier and free? In this time of digital era, I feel it is of utmost importance that besides caring deeper about our physical, mental and emotional well-being, we must begin to develop a stronger spiritual connection with our true-self. Hermes Trismegistus, my Master Guide's core teaching revolves around "Stillness". It is evident to me, this is Hermes' most important teaching as it has the power to lead us to our true-self. The Power of Stillness can help us to break and transcend many of our personal mental and emotional barriers. No matter how real these barriers may be, they are in their true essence, empty. Often we are too attached with the fanfare of the world. These attractions frequently distract and disrupt our core energies to focus and to manifest what we want. We develop envy, jealousy, anger, desires through judging and comparison with others. Many people do not have clear core values to guide themselves to live and think properly. - Core values that enriches the experience and strengthen our relationships with others. - Core values that respect and honour the lives of all. - Core values that empowers our heart and mind. - Core values that remind us of our Spiritual roots, our true essence. As we journey through life, our encounters teach and help us to discover more about who we are. Though it more often highlights our personalities and areas in which we could improve our quality of life. Unless we have the 'eye' to see and recognise these opportunities, it is often blinded by our Ego as it is too proud to receive these gifts of growth. When we seek for a better relationship with someone, we are opening up an inner doorway for an expanded view and understanding. But are our belief systems serving us and empowering us to have a better relationship with ourselves and others? So... Be the courageous self to seek within. Calm your mind and slow down your breathing. Allow your inner silence to guide you. Trust your inner guru.

For a moment, pay attention to the space between your thoughts and you shall begin to transcend time and space.

Stillness is an aspect of your true-self.

And by observing this world from that perspective of stillness, you can achieve great liberations of the mind and heart.

Compassion, love and wisdom shall arise from within.

You will become calmer and relaxed; Contented and at peace.

Understand that Stillness is always within you because Stillness is an aspect of you. It is like your parents. Except it is you giving birth to yourself.

You are beautiful beyond words, timeless beyond the lifespan of your physical form.

'Stillness' is like poetry. It can only describe the way, but the experience is entirely personal.

No matter where we are, which year we are in, time though may change our landscape, but our eternal self does not change.

Are you ready?

To greet and meet your beautiful Self.

Have you awakened?

To recognise your true-self?

We can never find our true-self if where we search is within the Universe we have projected (created)...

For we are more than that...

Our old-self, present-self, and future-self all reside within space and time.

We are more than that...and all of that...

But for now, and till then...

Live freely and happily...

Be Who You want to Be in this moment, in this life.

Journeying ahead...

Till Stillness arises...

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