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Full Moon in Aquarius ~ Positive Acceleration!

Radiant All!

Full Moon in Aquarius is now here! Are you feeling a positive pull leading you forward? This full moon illuminates our inner strength and teaches us to utilise them to help us maneuver into our future. Energy is pouring into us and perhaps even making us feel more active and filled with things to do!

Pay attention to the intuitions that may be flowing through you throughout the day and in dreams. Feel your heart being energised by the planetary frequencies by embracing the light into your inner being through intent and meditation.

Adjust your body, stretch and create space within you to facilitate greater flow within. Tap into the creative aspects of yourself by paying attention to your environment, ideas and feelings. We are approaching the opening of the Lion's Gate* very soon! Things are shifting rapidly and changes are once again speeding up!

Let us look forward to what is to be offered to us in this coming two weeks!


Yantara Jiro

*New Moon ~ 8:8:8 Lionsgate's Call Activations at the Great Central Sun Sirius

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