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Riding the Eclipses Wave and Summer Solstice

Updated: Jun 9, 2021

Radiant All,

Since the Total Lunar Eclipse at the end of May, there has been intense restructuring and especially sudden changes in our life. Many people have shared that their heart chakra feels heavy and some even feel low and depressed. 🙏

But nevertheless, personal transformations are at play on every level regardless of who we are.

On 10 June, we have the Annular Solar Eclipse 🌞in Gemini, our energy bodies are exceptionally sensitive between eclipses. Throughout the month of June, I highly recommend keeping your body hydrated, having daily minutes of meditation, listening to happy music, moving your body and writing down your inspirations! ❤️🌈

New impulses (ideas) are streaming through us everyday leading us into the future. Though we may still look to the past to utilise the knowledge we have gained, refreshing energies from the Cosmos are now once again inviting us to review and restructure our systems of thoughts, feelings and actions. ✨

Go for a walk, have massages if permissible, therapeutic essential oils to freshen your mind and be conscious of your nutritional intake.

🌞Summer Solstice on 21 June 2021 (Northern Hemisphere) will be a spectacular day to connect with the Solar Sun, Central Suns and Great Central Suns! We are truly intimately connected with everything, no thoughts, speech, feelings or actions are separated from the collective fabric of existence. 🌏

Intense changes may still come up after this Summer Solstice, but Source will never present to us what we cannot manage. Let us power up for a brighter world together! ❤️

I look forward to connecting with all of you on the Summer Solstice to celebrate the sounds of light. 🥰


Yantara Jiro

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