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New Moon~8:8:8 Lionsgate’s Call

Activations at the Great Central Sun Sirius

(In English with Japanese Translations)

Video Replay Available Till 15 August 2021, 10:55pm SGT. 



🦁 Ticket sales will end on 15 August 2021, 8pm SGT/9pm JPT/ 1pm UK. Upon purchase of your ticket, you will receive the information needed to access the recorded video. Click on "WATCH" for the video. PASSWORD: Scroll down below the video for the password under the "Additonal notes from Organiser" section.

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✨ Please kindly note that we are unable to extend the replay date and time.

Duration: 2 hours

SGD68 per ticket 

Radiant all! 

The Lionsgate portal opens every year from 26 July to 12 August. It is a cosmic event that builds up to the peak on the 8 August with the Sun entering Leo Constellation. The high frequencies last for about 4-5 days after. Last year's Lion's Gate, we worked with the Cat People traveling to various energy vortexes of the Earth to work on the Crystalline Grid.

This year's theme is to raise our consciousness, tune our spiritual antenna and Soul Journey to Star Sirius A! Yantara Jiro plays the Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls with precious gemstones, metal and minerals to resonate with the portals, our chakras and lightbodies.

Sirius, from the spiritual context, is our Great Central Sun. It plays a vital role in our formation of DNA and has influences upon our etheric DNA strands through the movement especially between Sirius A and B. Sirius represents our higher learning, and its frequencies touch our deep soul, awaken our inner wisdom and help us ground in our path.

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The Golden Divine Lion along with the "Cat People" from Sirius invites us to unite with our Cosmic Self and to live with our Divine Truth, to support us in tapping into the Source of our being. The lion roars with courage and strength, calling you to stand in your power to witness the sacred Light that brings you the transformations in life.

The Cat People from Sirius are among us, some already incarnated embodied in human form, while many others visit Earth during the opening of this gateway. The collective consciousness from these magnificent humanoid feline beings is capable of weaving intricate energy networks through the quantum field, transcending space-time continuum and collapsing our Dimensional-Selves into One.

Visiting Star Sirius A, Meeting the Golden Divine Lion & Cat People

Soul Journeying to Star Sirius with Yantara Jiro to experience an activation visit through a special guided meditation to lead everyone there. Special transmissions is given, a rare visiting opportunity that may not take place every year!

We call from the Central Sun of our Hearts to the Golden Sirius Lion, meet him with grace and courage and receive the Sirius Star transmissions.

High dimensional frequencies from the Galactic Center of our Milky Way align with Sirius and the Earth, a powerful surge of energy gathers to empower and energize our lightbodies.

This activation works deeply on our DNA, lightbodies and support in Spiritual Awakening. This transmission is a powerful anchoring of Light that shall increase our powers in taking actions, our passions, drive and inspirations!


We look forward to exploring with you soon!

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