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[Free Online Event]
We the Arcturians ~ A Journey with Yantara Jiro

2nd November 2023,
12.30 pm (London) and 8.30 pm (Singapore)

Duration: 1.5 hours
Zoom Online 

Join us on a beautiful journey with Yantara Jiro as he shares with us his intimate story on how he started working with the Arcturus Star Beings, which led him to accelerate his healing skills and techniques to become an adept in quantum healing today.


The journey includes his intense activation in speaking the light languages and his training from the Masters and Star Beings! 


Yantara Jiro will also be taking Q&A toward the end!


If you are interested in Star Beings and are wondering who they are, what they do, and what kind of preparations we need to have to connect with them properly, join in and gain insights!


The Arcturus Quantum Healing course series that Yantara Jiro has taught for two decades will launch soon! Join this webinar to understand more.


See you soon!

Yantara Jiro

REGISTER now to receive your Zoom invite to enjoy the beautiful star journey with Yantara. Recordings will be shared with those who registered post-event! ^^

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