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Autumn Equinox ~Hermes Speaks 

(In English with Japanese Translations)

Video Replay Available Till 4 October 2021, 10:55pm SGT. 



🌈 Ticket sales will end on 4 October 2021, 8pm SGT/9pm JPT/ 1pm UK. Upon purchase of your ticket, you will receive the information needed to access the recorded video. Click on "WATCH" for the video. PASSWORD: Scroll down below the video for the password under the "Additonal notes from Organiser" section.

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✨ Please kindly note that we are unable to extend the replay date and time.

Duration: 2 hours

SGD68 per ticket 

Radiant all!

Autumn Equinox for the Northern Hemisphere is here! I am certain you feel the shift on many levels.

Besides the seasons serving as reminders on how the angles of the Sun work with the Earth, we are indeed constantly showered by cosmic frequencies from the planets and countless stars.

Equinoxes are warmly celebrated for they highlight the colours, the change and witness on the cycles of renewal and rebirth.

Coming 23 September, on this auspicious day, Hermes speak and share with us messages that will support us for the remaining of months 2021.

Hermes will also provide specific energy work on chakras and other transmissions to assist us moving forward. Deep wisdom and insights for those seeking clarity on how to further cultivate and practise spiritual living. There are also sections where interesting questions are answered by Hermes relating to the changes of the world.

If you feel the resonance from these words, I am sure the Master is saying, “See you soon!”.

Yantara Jiro


One who carries many names such as (Thoth, Merlin, Guru Rinpoche, Enoch, Zep Tepi) will be guiding us through a deep channeling process.


Hermes shared with the world the 7 Hermetic Principles, One of the Laws that permeates from the Principle is widely known as “The Law of Attraction”.


Hermes long before Atlantis, at the beginning of time, has promised to return at the end of this cycle of time through Alchemy of DNA and consciousness.


It is said he will bring great sacred keys of the Golden Age, raising vibrations and uplifting consciousness to higher frequencies of light and understanding.


The Zep Tepi (First Time) encoded messages in the language of symbols, in the tongues of Light, and when spoken creates a spinning vortex and flare patterns in the brain. It is the Language of Sacred Geometrics, a harmonic language. It affects the DNA and unlocks gateways of the mind into higher states of consciousness (Awakening).


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