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New Moon~8:8:8 Lions Gate Opening

The Star Sirians Activations 

Video Replay Available Till 15 August 2022, 23:55 SGT. 


We are exceptionally excited to connect with you on 8:8:8 as it is not only an auspicious day but also a really powerful time to come into alignment with our Divine Self. Abundance, personal growth, Joy, Wisdom, Confidence are all just a few keywords related to this day!


The Lionsgate portal opens every year between 26 July to 12 August. It is a cosmic event that builds up to the peak on the 8 August with the Sun entering Leo Constellation. The high frequencies will usually last for about 4-5 days.


Sirius is the brightest star in our night sky. From the esoteric perspective, it is our Great Central Sun. It plays a vital role in the formation of our DNA and has influences upon our etheric DNA strands through the movement especially between Sirius A and B. Sirius represents our higher learning, and its frequencies touch our deep soul, awaken our inner wisdom and help us ground in our path into higher learning.

The Sirians will be present with us this year and will transmit to us sound codings from the High Councils of Sirians. Receiving transmissions from the Sirians also means activating an aspect of our Starseed DNA that helps us unify our separation consciousness.


On this day, we will work with the High Councils of Sirians and the Divine Golden Lion for special cosmic activations. We are asked to prepare and open our heart chakra to the Great Central Sun.


Each year as our consciousness rises, we are also releasing the old karmic energies. In-order to rise above negative influences, we need to develop wisdom that will help us understand our True-Nature.


We will be activating our brain centers which are vital to accessing Universal Knowledge with the Sirians.


It is rare that the Sirians connect with us, so it will be a beautiful experience to experience Sirian's light!

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Messages from the Sirians: 

Kuleshtana! We are gathered here today to deliver messages of light. To offer and transmit to you the sounds as intended by the collective, to support in personal healing, karmic release, clearing of the old system, old beliefs and old designs of life. We are pleased to be here to bring forth this creative force that will support you in this transformation.


The sounds shall flow through your system and into areas where you need the most. We ask that you open your heart to the Great Central Sun. The Sun represents our Divine Self, a manifestation of ourselves from the Sun into Divine Light. We shall be speaking the Solar Codes from the Great Central Sun directly into your genetic field.


Through the cycles of the planets and stars, all lives are influenced by the intricate galactic frequencies. Depending on your location and life blueprint, your degree of effect will defer among others. We therefore understand why people desire to learn about creating their own life, living in freedom where the heart, mind and body can fully express their own potential without the limitations set by others and the world.


To do this however requires each person to heal themselves out of fear, into courage, determination, focus and compassion. The world, the Universe can then respond to the frequencies of which the individual offers for their personal highest potential.


In the presence of the Great Central Sun, it is of great joy to be communing with you soon on this great opening day.


In Divine Light,


Part 1
Premier 888 Activation Video Launching
8 August ~ 15 August 2022
8pm Singapore Time
1pm London Time

Duration: 1 hour

*Tickets sale will close strictly on 13 August 2022, 2359 Singapore time. We are sorry we are unable to accept registrations after.

**The video will be available until 15 August 2022, 1359 Singapore time. This will be available to all ticket holders. The same deadline will be stated on the replay page.

***Please kindly note that extension of this deadline will not be available.

Part 2
LIVE ZOOM* with Yantara Jiro on 9 August 2022 at:
9pm Singapore Time
2pm London Time

Duration: 1 hour

*Attendees will receive a Zoom link on 7 August via your email. Share your experiences and questions with Yantara Jiro!

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