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Empowerments to Awaken your Divine Potential

Doni Amoris will be your guide and serve as a clear channel to transmit spiritual information important to your well-being.


Journey of Becoming Divine Love

Doni Amoris gently takes you on a Meditation Journey and into a Sacred Space, to receive unexpected gifts and activations that will accelerate your journey of becoming ONE with your Soul Mate. 


Aquarius Gateway Awakening

On 21 December 2020, we will officially begin the Air period, a long but powerful transition for 140 years till 2159.


Upcoming Courses

Yantara Jiro is running courses across the globe to learn more about quantum and energy healing as well as sound healing.


The courses are aimed to both people that want to learn more about these topics for their personal knowledge and interest, but also for people that would like to become teachers and healers themselves.

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