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Video Replay Available till 8 July 2021, 11pm SGT. 

[Video Recording] Summer Solstice - Let's Go! - Soul Journeys around the world

Summer Solstice is a time when we receive potent activations from the Sun, information flows from the light rays and interacts with our energy bodies, cells and DNA through the morphogenetic fields.


Festival of Goodwill - Flower Full Moon

Also known as the Flower Full Moon, this festival distributes the transmitted spiritual forces from Shakyamuni Buddha to all sentient beings for the continuation and good purpose usage for humanity. This is the force of Reconstruction.

Video Replay Available till 11 May 2021, 11pm SGT. 

[Video Recording] - Part 1 - Wesak Grand Ceremony - Wisdom Accumulation & Karmic Cleansing

Since 2004, Yantara Jiro has been holding a Wesak Ceremony to facilitate the blessings of Lord Buddha's consciousness to bridge his blessings to the world.

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Upcoming Courses

Yantara Jiro is running courses across the globe to learn more about quantum and energy healing as well as sound healing.


The courses are aimed to both people that want to learn more about these topics for their personal knowledge and interest, but also for people that would like to become teachers and healers themselves.

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