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Yantara Jiro

Be the Source of your own Power






Beyond Sound is about using sound consciously and delicately to raise ourselves into higher states of being. By learning how to work with sound in specific forms and ways during meditation, we are able to clear our subtle senses which includes our sense organs and open up energy pathways within the body for transformations.

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Summer Solstice ~
Beautiful Life! 

Audio Activation Transmission [Recording] Premiere 20 June 5pm (UK), 21 June 12AM (SG). 

A special Summer Solstice sound journey together with Yantara to explore the beautiful Earth. Summer Solstice is when the Sun activates the power spots around the world. 

Yantara has journeyed through the celestial worlds to retrieve the sacred sounds and anchored them in these powerful transmissions.

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18th Wesak Ceremony ~ Desire Fulfilling & Karmic Cleansing
6 May, 11am ~ 3pm SGT.


This Wesak Full Moon marks the second most significant Full Moon of the year, the next in June is the "Festival of Humanity or Goodwill" where positive cosmic energies or blessings are shared to the world. What we received from Wesak Full Moon will now spread out further into all living consciousness.

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18th Wesak Ceremony ~

Shakyamuni Buddha Penumbral Lunar Eclipse Full Moon Grand Ceremony

6 May, 5.30pm ~ 8pm SGT.

This ceremony will include the recitation of sacred mantras, activations, and meditations. This is to clear our thoughts, energy bodies, chakras and align ourselves to soul travel during a guided meditation to the Wesak Valley in Himalayas for attending the grand ceremony.

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Upcoming Courses

Yantara Jiro is running courses across the globe to learn more about quantum and energy healing as well as sound healing.


The courses are aimed to both people that want to learn more about these topics for their personal knowledge and interest, but also for people that would like to become teachers and healers themselves.

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Follow Yantara Jiro

Follow Yantara Jiro on Instagram to be informed about his latest tracks, special events or to hear about his motivational messages. 

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