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Yantara Jiro

Be the Source of your own Power




13 Feb 2023 Sound Stars Light 311x388.jpeg

Let us explore how channelling, sound healing and Language of Light can support us in bringing forth expansion of consciousness and activate our spiritual potential!

16-19 Feb 2023 Sound Unification Immersion 311x388.jpeg

Sound Unification is about using sound consciously and delicately to raise ourselves into higher states of being. This is a deep exploration into our inner being that provides a powerful space for self-healing, realisations and awakening.

20 Feb 2023 New Moon Activations of Source 311x388.jpeg

2023 is going to be a rapid and expansive year! If you have been feeling the desire to live more of your authentic self and are seeking strength, insights and opportunities to move forward, this is a good time to open those doors!

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Upcoming Courses

Yantara Jiro is running courses across the globe to learn more about quantum and energy healing as well as sound healing.


The courses are aimed to both people that want to learn more about these topics for their personal knowledge and interest, but also for people that would like to become teachers and healers themselves.

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Follow Yantara Jiro

Follow Yantara Jiro on Instagram to be informed about his latest tracks, special events or to hear about his motivational messages. 

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