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Summer Solstice ~ Let's Go! 

Soul Journeys around the world
(In English with Japanese Translations)
Video Replay Available Till 8 July 2021, 11pm SGT.

☀️ Ticket sales will end on 8 July 2021, 8.45pm SGT/9.45pm JPT/ 1.45pm UK. Upon purchase of your ticket, you will receive the information needed to access the recorded video. Click on "WATCH" for the video. PASSWORD: Scroll down below the video for the password under the "Additonal notes from Organiser" section.

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☀️The recording is potent and will carry significant effects to your personal transformations as you listen to spark the activations again and again.

✨Please kindly note that we are unable to extend the replay date and time.

Duration: 2 hours

SGD68 per ticket 

Radiant All!

June 21st, this Summer Solstice in Cancer is a beautiful day where the Sun takes the longer path in the sky of the Northern Hemisphere. (Southern Hemisphere, it will be December)

For many years now, I have been blessed to be able to take people on sacred journeys to major power vortexes of the world for personal transformations.

On this day, as the frequencies of the Sun, the Central Suns, and the Great Central Suns power up the countless pyramids, stone circles, light cities, sacred monuments, and temples in the world, the Earth's resonance will rise and cause a rippling positive effect in all of us!

Video Recording: Summer Solistice - Let's Go!
Major Chakras and Vortexes.jpg

Summer Solstice is a time when we receive potent activations from the Sun, information flows from the light rays and interacts with our energy bodies, cells and DNA through the morphogenetic fields.
It is a festival of celebration, of unity through diversity, holding love in our hearts and sharing with one another during this sacred time.

It is a gateway where we anchor beautiful dreams, visions and intentions for the well-being of all living beings and Mother Gaia.
We are not just physical, we are energy beings, we are quantum in our Nature.

We are able to transcend spacetime and interact with information that could rapidly transform us into a healthier, happier and lighter being - if we allow it. This information is accessible through intentions, meditations and when in a proper state of meditation, we are able to "download" them into our systems.

For 2 hours, we will enter into a deep state of meditation and through a process called soul journey, we shall travel to many power vortexes I have personally experienced in the world, and access sacred dimensions that are readily open for us on this activation day and the following period to come.

Light languages, singing, sacred mantras and visions will be shared and celebrated.
We will be connecting consciously, spiritually to all teachers of the path of awakening, regardless of language or culture, through unity to celebrate love, beauty and life.

All that is needed from you is a warm open heart, ready to plunge into the abundance of the world.
Be free to connect, to receive and enjoy a whole day of downloads, activations, and integration wherever and however you are guided.

The more we let go, the more we move forward.
The more we trust, the more we flow.

There is nothing more important than you loving yourself first.
There is nothing more important than you accepting yourself first.

There is nothing more powerful than you recognising an opportunity to transform and saying YES to it!
Because you are worth it.
Because you are Source energy and beyond.

I look forward to spending this precious time with you, and journeying around the world to tap into the illuminations of what is to be offered to us all.

This recording will be available for replay until the end of 8 July 2021, two days before the New Moon.
The sound activations are potent and will carry significant effects to your personal transformations as you listen to spark the activations again and again.

So much love...
So much sound...
So much light...

See you!
Yantara Jiro

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