Journey of Becoming Divine Love



Welcome to Journey of Becoming Divine Love on 14 February 2021! 

Yantara Jiro's Event Team is excited to present Doni Amoris's Valentine's Day Special Premiere!

This special recording is for all who seek to be reunited in the heart of Love with their Soul Mate. 

Recorded with the energy of a beautiful New Beginning, Doni Amoris gently takes you on a Meditation Journey and into a Sacred Space, to receive unexpected gifts and activations that will accelerate your journey of becoming ONE with your Soul Mate. 

During the recording you’ll be guided to release anything from yourself that may be holding you back from meeting your Soul Mate. This is followed by a deep dive into Unity Consciousness to synchronize your heart with the energy of your Soul Mate.

In 2011, artist and healer Doni Amoris found the key to unlock his inner gifts and by this experience of inner alchemy, the Universe quickly attracted his Soul Mate with effortless flow into his life. It is from this deep personal experience, that Doni Amoris now shares with you this special meditation recording and energy transmission.

Be ready to join us at the Grand Premiere on 14 February 2021 at 3 am UK time/11 am Singapore time.

Date: 14 February 2021 
Received the recording: 03:00 (UK time), 11:00 (Singapore time)
Duration: 44 minutes 
SGD35 per ticket 

Terms & Conditions
- Tickets sold are non-refundable.
- Video is available for replay till 21st Feb 2021, 3 am UK time/ 11am Singapore Time.
- To respect and honour the effort and sacred work of our facilitator, please do not share your video link freely.

*You will receive the special recording - Journey of Becoming Divine Love on 14 February 2021 3 am UK time / 11 am Singapore time from Peatix via email.

**This special recording will be available for replay for a duration of 7 sacred days till 21st February 2021, 3 am UK time / 11 am Singapore time.

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