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Video Recording [Part 1] - Wesak Grand Ceremony -Wisdom Accumulation & Karmic Cleansing (In English with Japanese Translations)

Video Replay Available Till 11 May 2021, 11pm SGT.



The Super Full Moon of this Wesak was on 27 April 2021. This is the recording of the special LIVE Grand Ceremony.

Riding on the wave of the Super Full Moon, the gateway of energies and empowerments are still open.

We recommend to view it as soon as possible!
Ticket sales will end on 10 May 2021, 11pm SGT.


🧡 VIDEO RECORDING for Part 1 - Wesak Grand Ceremony - Wisdom Accumulation & Karmic Cleansing, is available until 11 May 3:59am UK time / 10:59pm Singapore time / 11:59pm Japan time.
🧡 To respect and honor the effort and sacred work of our facilitator, please do not share your video link freely.

🧡 You are free to watch this recorded video for as many times as you like until the expiry date and time stated above.

The spiritual-energetic theme following 2020 in 2021 is Awakening Our Spiritual Wisdom.



  • The Special Teachings of Buddha Kwan Yin

  • Mantras Recitation

  • Increase in Spiritual Wisdom

  • Buddha's Empowerment




The spiritual-energetic theme for 2020-2021 is "AWAKENING OUR SPIRITUAL WISDOM"! Receive spiritual guidance, mantra healing and empowerment, messages and light language transmissions in the presence of Great Masters such as Kwan Yin, Goddess Taras, Buddhas, and Holy Siddhas. We are challenged by our attachments and desires of this world, and unable to raise our consciousness due to an egoistic mind (the know-it-all person). We often too react and suffer in pain, fear, separation consciousness, anger and many more negative emotions, thoughts and actions.

These repetitive, often addictive actions cause our spiritual realisations to be dampened and delayed. To elevate ourselves from these negative influences, we need to rise above dualism and even beyond emptiness.

Reciting mantras is one powerful way of helping us transcend.


[First Ceremony]

Wisdom Accumulation & Karmic Cleansing Ceremony

During the ceremony, we will be reciting these SACRED MANTRAS & SUTRA and more with Yantara Jiro:

SIX-SYLLABLES MANTRA (OM MANI PADME HUM) (Click to listen and practice with Yantara Jiro)
Clarity of Mind; Compassion accumulation; increase in Spiritual Powers.
Prevention of rebirth in lower realms. Purifies heavy karmic actions.

Protection from negative energies, powerful protector in your spiritual practices.
To clear negative karma and prevent it from multiplying.
Clearing negative energies in relationships, careers, money etc.

The Heart Sutra and Mantra (Prajna-paramita Hrdaya Sutram)
Connects to all wisdom of sacred sutras. Increases wisdom in emptiness and enhances human relationships.Release heavy emotional pain and sufferings. Teachings suitable for all levels of practitioners, from novice to advanced.

This is a very important time to connect with the Ascended Masters and Divine Beings, to transform our mind and heart into the RIGHT PATH, clear our negative karmas and build virtues and merits for good karma. It is a powerful time to break old energy patterns of the mind, to reduce our personal suffering and increase our spiritual wisdom.

Yantara Jiro will also be giving short lectures about the concepts of these practices and why it is so important for us right now. How to break away from illusional concepts of Ego and transcend consciousness beyond space-time.

We will receive deep blessings from Kwan Yin by practicing listening, and deep meditation to the Sounds of the Universe, the Sounds of Light, Universal Truths and Wisdom.

Mantra lyric sheets will be provided as a link via the "Watch Page" after tickets purchase.

Vido replay available till 11 May 2021, 11pm SGT.

*After you purchase the ticket, please click on "Watch" for the video and instructions.


Guidelines for both Ceremonies


- Please rinse your mouth clean before reciting any mantras.


- Avoid engaging in idle conversation and keep your sacred space quiet and clean for the ceremony.


- Accumulate mantra recitations and we offer blessings to the World and all Living Beings during the ceremony.




Since 2004, Yantara Jiro has been holding a special Wesak Ceremony to facilitate the blessings of Lord Buddha's consciousness to bridge his blessings to the world.

The return of Shakyamuni Buddha's consciousness once a year to the world has been happening since 2500 years ago in his unimaginable brilliant light body to bless the world on the Full Moon of Taurus/Scorpio.

It is of great honor during this day that we will be soul-traveling through a once a year SPECIAL guided meditation to the sacred Wesak valley in Himalayas. This powerful meditation alignment and blessings through Buddha’s consciousness shall be of great empowerment and blessings to all through April 2021 - May 2022!

Yantara Jiro is in deep gratitude to have received the spiritual empowerment of Initiations from "His Eminence Kyabje Lati Rinpoche and Entourage of 26 Lamas from Gaden Shartse Monastery". These initiations of spiritual empowerment support the spiritual work of Yantara Jiro.

To name some of the initiations he has received:
Lord Buddha Shakyamuni Grand Initiation
White Tara Initiation
Chenrezig (Four-Armed Kannon-sama) Initiation
Lord Maitreya Initiation


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