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Spiritual Full Moon - Powerful Cleansing and Expansion



Radiant All!


Welcome to the FIRST out of the three most significant FULL MOON of the Year.

The next Full Moon on April 2021 will be Wesak (Buddha Special Empowerment) Day, a once-a-year Grand Ceremony that I have been facilitating since 2004. And the third will be in May 2021.


A FULL MOON is a period for people who are looking for success, growth, expansion, transformation and positive energy increment.


The Full Moon on this day will also be about clearing and cleansing. We will soul travel to many worlds of light, sound and beyond, the journey will be entirely personal to you. I am guided by Source to transmit through the voice using sacred vowels, mantras and light languages. These sounds are capable of influencing our nervous system, communicate through the quantum field and download information that speaks with our energy bodies.


We ask that you offer your heart in prayer to the Universe with loving kindness and compassion. Your sincerity will bring you countless showers of blessings.

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How to prepare and what to expect?

There will be minimum speech guidance, and mostly will be pure sound transmissions.

You are recommended to meditate into a state of feeling 'Expansion in Life', and keep your spine gently erected in a seated position for this transmission. You may place your feet flat on the ground or simply fold your legs into a comfortable posture.

If you feel called to this transmission, there is something within it that resonates with your quantum energy field.


In the experience, you may hear my voice uttering in various tones, assuming speaking in various accents and languages, these are known as sonic equations, or sound patterns that are entirely guided by Source to communicate directly with your energy field and chakras. They are not nonsensical sounds. 


You may or may not experience fluctuation in physical temperature, or seeing visions and notice specific body sensations. Simply let them be and enjoy the energy transmissions.



Yantara Jiro

Date: 29 March 2021 [PREMIERE] [RECORDED]
Time: 13:00 (London time), 20:00 (Singapore time)
Duration: 1 hour
SGD68 per ticket 

*Upon purchase of your ticket on Peatix, you will receive all the information needed to access the live stream and effectively join the event at the "watch stream page" through the ticket dashboard (My Tickets page). 


⁠**Please note that sales end on the 29th of March 2021 at 1pm Singapore Time, 5am UK Time.

***The recording is available till 12 April 2021. We highly recommend listening to the recording within the first seven days. ⁠

****For Mandarin and Japanese language, please visit
https://www.serpentinespace.com and www.yantarajiro.jp to purchase your ticket. 

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