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Aquarius Gateway Awakening - The Sign of Future



Welcome to AQUARIUS GATEWAY AWAKENING on 21 December 2020! 

On 21 December 2020, the day of Winter Solstice, The Great Conjunction of Jupiter-Saturn will be about one-tenth of a degree apart from each other. The Sun, every year around this day too changes its tone frequency signifying its new Solar Year in relation to Earth's electromagnetic sphere field.

On 12 December 2020, Unification - One with Love is a Gateway meditation event to energise our heart chakra and connect with The Central Suns. This is about strengthening and increasing our Spiritual Quotient, is especially beneficial for spiritual growth and wisdom rising.

A couple of days before this powerful awakening day, a New Moon Total Solar Eclipse will take place on the 15 December. Its maximum eclipse is at 01:13:28 JPT/12:13:28 SGT, 14 December, 16:13:28 UK - Opening another greater influx of high cosmic energies since the Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse on 30 November 2020.

Why is THIS Jupiter-Saturn cycle so important? It is because it marks the ending of the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction cycle in Earth signs since 19 July 1802. They will appear so close in the sky that they will look like one bright planet!

On 21 December 2020, the Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction will happen at zero-degrees of Aquarius! We will officially begin the Air period, a long but powerful transition for 140 years till 2159.

I am responding to the collective intentions of Source, my Master guide Hermes, The Galactic Star Nations and the many mansions and worlds of Great Honorable Ones to lead an AQUARIUS GATEWAY AWAKENING meditation.

The Day


This two-hour ceremony event will broadcast LIVE with deep channelling, light language Aquarius sound transmissions, energy empowerment from celestial planets and stars, spiritual blessings by 18 Siddhas (Saints) and collective meditation on co-creating the New Blueprint of the World!


We will begin on time without a break on a soul-journey to connect with this unimaginable gateway of a NEW ERA!

You may wish to set up a sacred space with items that represent the New World. For those with acoustic instruments, I invite you to play them 10 minutes before the start of the event as an offering and blessings to the group to contribute quantumly to the ceremony event. For others, please kindly offer your prayer words to the ceremony event in your meditation.

Date: 21 December 2020
Time: 10:00 (London time), 18:00 (Singapore time), 19:00 (Tokyo time)
Duration: 2 hour
SGD68 per ticket 

*Webinar replay is available till end of 15 Jan 2020.
Please note that each energy transmission is unique and will be tailored to the collective intentions of all participants.

For friends based in Japan and prefer Japanese translation, please register here

For friends based in Taiwan/China, please register here.

Please note that each energy transmission is unique and will be tailored to the collective intentions of all participants.

The Preparation: 

I am guided to invite all who are participating in this LIVE event to prepare and build upon a collective vortex of positive energies till 21 December 2020 with the following practices.


Starting from the day of your registration to participate within the best effort of your capability:


1) COSMIC Energy

How: Watch Sunrise 12minutes and Sunset for 8minutes.

Relax and gently rest your opened eyes upon the rising and setting Sun. Unimaginable Solar Sounds travel in the form of light rays enter into your 3rd Eye. See the rays filled with colours entering your energy body, energising and revitalising your energy chakras. At the same time, feel a beautiful Sun appears at the level of your chest illuminating. Give appreciation upon completion.

Why: The frequencies of the Sun upon the Earth is the strongest during Sunrise and Sunset. We are very much activated during this period and will exceptionally benefit spiritually with the forces available to us.


If: Should the day be cloudy or the sight of Sun be unavailable to you, you may visualise the Sun, and its rays reach you in your inner mind's eye.


2) Building the New World Blueprint

How: Meditate and visualise the kind of world you want to live in, the lifestyle, community and relationships. Build your vision with passion.

Why: Through the power of co-create, we shall receive every person's version and vision of the New World. It is through diversities that we can come to appreciate the virtue of community.


If: Should you feel inadequate in visualising, you may wish to consider focusing on tuning in to your positive emotions and let that be your blueprint.

3) Power of Emptiness

How: Recite either the Six Syllable Tibetan Mantra, "OM MANI PADME HUM" or the Heart Sutra Sanskrit Mantra, "Tadyatha Gate Gate Paragate Parasam Gate Bodhi Svaha" a minimum of 108 times. You may recite this any time of the day or during your meditation.

Why: The Six Syllable Mantra raises our consciousness beyond the suffering realms of animal, earth-bound spirits, warring Gods, hell, demi-gods and human. The Heart Sutra Mantra helps us to transcend dualism accessing our true-self.


If: Should you be unable or inconvenient to recite the mantras, tone the sound of OM anytime of the day or during your meditation.


4) Physical Preparation and Alignment

How: On alternate days, strengthen and stretch your body through yoga, exercises or dance for about 20mins each session.


Why: To increase energy circulation in your body, to improve core strength and alignment to receive higher dimensional frequencies.


If: Should you be unable or inconvenient to have physical exercise, switch to slow gentle stretching.

5) Sounding to the World

How: You may tone, sing, play an instrument such as Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls or anything daily as an offering of pure sounds to the world.

Why: Focusing on audial consciousness is to use hearing to meditate. The arising and cessation of sounds reflect on impermanence. We are offering the wisdom teachings of detachment through sound.


If: Should you be unable or inconvenient to, please offer your compassionate prayers to the world.


We are all at a tipping point of this cosmic journey. We are collectively responsible to co-create new blueprints where it focuses on unity, creativity, relationships, well-being, freedom, wisdom and compassion.


We will now rise to the higher intellectual, the mental energy of Air element. We are asked to reimagine, redefine the future of humanity, the world and the way we live.


We are leaving behind the now old impractical, hard-structured and limiting mental constitutions with gratitude and appreciation for the purpose it has served.

Humanity received magnificent activations in 2012 and gradually built to the finale of 2020. 21 December 2020 is just the beginning of its process that will continue to rise. Hermes Trismegistus, my Master Guide has always been sharing and teaching about the importance of developing our spiritual foundations, understanding the importance and significance of Universal Principles and Laws.


Our life purpose is to relearn how to raise our consciousness above our negative habits, lower emotions, desires and wrong thinking that causes our spiritual force to be dampened. Our very Nature is KIND and Compassionate. Humans have the ability to think, to rationalise, to connect consciously with the forces of Nature and the Cosmos. We have access to a more remarkable intellectual mind that helps us to deter from harmful actions, harm to self and harm toward others. Yet we are most often suffering in a dualistic mind of living.


As we progressively raise our vibrations, elevate our consciousness and think differently, we may then begin to comprehend and act coherently with Nature and the World. One that is not just about selfish gains, but that transcends into true service of the world due to the awakening of compassion as a virtue within.


Yantara Jiro

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