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[Video Recording] 11:11 Global Synchronizing Activations ~ DNA Activations, Unification, Sound Transmissions

(In English with Japanese Translations)

Video Replay Available Till 22 November 2021, 10:55pm SGT. 



💙 Ticket sales will end on 22 November 2021, 8pm SGT/9pm JPT/ 12pm UK. Upon purchase of your ticket, you will receive the information needed to access the recorded video. Click on "WATCH" for the video. PASSWORD: Scroll down below the video for the password under the "Additonal notes from Organiser" section.

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Duration: 2 hours

SGD68 per ticket 

Radiant all,

11:11 is a powerful pair of numbers as it reminds us that we are in alignment with our Source Energy. We are connected; We are in the flow.

The number 11 also signifies the 11th Dimension where before the vibrational material begins to disintegrate when it enters the 12th.

It is a gateway that represents perfection in foundation and form.

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From the beginning of Yantara Jiro's spiritual journey, he has been working on DNA activations with these numeric frequencies using sacred geometries and Light Languages.

It has shown profound effects in activating our spiritual potentials such as raising consciousness, switching on latent innate abilities and gaining universal wisdom.


Since more than a decade ago, people have been gradually noticing the synchronizing effects of encountering 11:11.

Today, millions of people over the years have established a collective global synchronizing field on this portal day.

We are able to tap into this field consciously and exchange information which serves as an acceleration for our growth in wisdom and spiritual awakening.

To access this gateway or portal, we have been supported and gathered by the Galactic Star Beings and the Gurus, Masters and Saints to transmit Unification codings into our energy field.

This transmission was also empowered by Goddess Isis, the initiator for Higher Powers using the frequencies from Star Sirius to work on our Galactic Etheric DNAs.

Thoth, who was also speaking the Universal Light Languages while using Pyramidal Energy, will be working on reconstructing a new frequency field for us.

This has great advantages to fine-tuning our spiritual "antenna", using our central light column (through the spine) to bridge higher dimensions and break illusions and limitations.

With each year ever needing personal energy recalibration, we are frequently finding ourselves working hard to synchronise and keep in harmonic rhythm with the rapid changes of the world.

This gateway ignites us into the new reality with greater confidence and strength.

11:11 uses the powers of the Collective to bring our separation consciousness to unify and become One.


In addition, sacred mantras in the form of Light Languages were sung to elevate our consciousness to go inwards and resonate with our True-Self.

Yantara Jiro performed the first energy transmissions through the Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls followed by deep channeling work by the Masters for the rest of the activation work.

RECOMMENDED PREPARATION to ENHANCE the BENEFITS from this activation event:
1) We highly recommend participants to be in a quiet environment while listening to this recording.

2)Avoid alcohol a day prior and a day after complete listening.

3) Set up a sacred space to support grounding your body, heart and mind into the moment.

4) Have a bottle of water by your side so as to hydrate when your body needs it.

5) Have no expectations.

6) Open your heart and keep your mind still during the meditation.

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