Wesak 2020, 7 May ONLINE

True Dharma Brightness Tathagata 2

True Dharma Brightness Tathagata (BUDDHA KWAN YIN)




Since 2004, Yantara Jiro has been holding special Wesak Ceremony to faciliate the blessings of Lord Buddha's consciousness to bridge his blessings to the world.

The return of Shakyamuni Buddha's consciousness once a year to the world has been happening since 2500 years ago in his unimaginable brilliant light body to bless the world on the Full Moon of Taurus/Scorpio.

It is of great honor during this day that we will be soul-traveling through a once a year SPECIAL guided meditation to the sacred Wesak valley in Himalayas. This powerful meditation alignment and blessings through Buddha’s consciousness shall be of great empowerment and blessings to all through  May 2020 - April 2021!

7 May 2020

1pm - 4pm (Tokyo, Japan Time), 12pm - 3pm (Singapore Time), 5am-8am (London Time)


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This program includes singing and reciting LIVE HEART SUTRA OF KWAN YIN, GODDESS WHITE TARA (for Longevity and Healing), VAJRASATTVA BODHISATTVA (Clearing Obstacles), FOUR-ARM KWAN YIN MANTRA (Transcending Karma)

The spiritual-energetic theme for 2020-2021 is "AWAKENING OUR SPIRITUAL WISDOM"! Receive spiritual guidance, mantra healing and empowerment, messages and light language transmissions in the presence of Great Masters such as Kwan Yin, Goddess Taras, Buddhas, and Holy Siddhas.

It is a very important time to connect with the Ascended Masters and Divine Beings, to transform our mind and heart into the RIGHT PATH, clear our negative karmas and build virtues and merits for good karma. It is a powerful time to break old energy patterns of the mind, to reduce our personal suffering and increase our spiritual wisdom.

We will receive deep blessings from Kwan Yin by practicing listening, and deep meditation to the Sounds of the Universe, the Sounds of Light, Universal Truths and Wisdom.

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Special Initiation from Shakyamuni Buddha and The Spiritual Councils of Light 

6.00pm - 8.30pm (Tokyo, Japan Time), 5:00pm - 7:30pm (Singapore Time), 10.00am - 12:30pm (London) 


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The once a year Grand Ceremony takes place in the cosmic dimension located in a secret and sacred location of the Himayala mountain valley. This ceremony is attended by humans, physically in person or remote, light beings, Gods and Goddesses, Devas, Angels, Dragons, Star Nations, Buddhas of various Worlds, Bodhisattvas, Siddhas and many uncountable Great Ones.

This ceremony will include the recitation of sacred mantras, activations, and meditations. This is to clear our thoughts, energy bodies, chakras and align ourselves to soul travel during a guided meditation to the Wesak Valley in Himalayas for attending the grand ceremony.

The empowerment and blessing from Shakyamuni Buddha and Great Masters will last for 1 year from date of ceremony till the next Wesak.

Online attendees will be guided through a special soul journey meditation by Yantara Jiro to receive Lord Buddha's transmission. This ceremony supports wide range of seekers; People who are new and needing support in spiritual practices, and practitioners who are already on the path coming here to renew and strengthen their devotions on the path of awakening and self-liberation.

The Purposes of the Wesak Festival are as follows:

The releasing of certain transmission of energy to humanity that will stimulate the spirit of love, unity and goodwill.
2) The fusion of all men and women of goodwill into a responsive integrated whole.
3) The invocation and response from certain cosmic beings if prior goals are achieved.


1) You recommended keeping your meal dietary to vegetarian 7 days if possible prior to the ceremony
2) Wear comfortable white or earthy colored clothing in your home environment.
3) Prepare mineral water for energy charge and family sharing and place them in your meditation space.


1) Please rinse your mouth before mantra/sutra recitations
2) No photos, 
audio or video recording during the ceremony
3) Refrain from idle conversations, do not shout or talk loudly during your meditation.
5) Use your time and energy for meditation
6) Project love and lofty thoughts as often as you can.

Shakyamuni Buddha

Shakyamuni Buddha's Messages to Yantara Jiro

Yantara Jiro grew up in a family who prays to Goddess Kwan Yin and has always felt within an affinity towards BUDDHA too. The Wesak Festival has always been part of the Singapore Calendar and so it was not unfamiliar.

In 2004, during deep meditation, he was guided by the Ascended Masters, Goddess Kwan Yin and Shakyamuni Buddha to host this sacred ceremony yearly - creating a platform and opportunity to support aspirants (people who are on the path of enlightenment) to receive this empowerment.

He hence started facilitating the yearly sacred wesak ceremony ever since. Every year on a specific actual day of the ceremony, certain mantras will be recited, energy bodies cleansed and purified, fresh flowers presented and vegetarian diet (preferable) observed.

He was told that as we approach the actual wesak day, our bodies will begin to receive a downpouring of spiritual energy from the Ascended Masters. This energy will guide us and align ourselves to come into alignment with the pure vibration in-which Buddha will transmit on an actual day.

Every year, during the ceremony we are invited to renew our spiritual affirmations and commitment towards ourselves and growth through the guidance of The Buddha and the Masters of the Inner Planes. This guidance does not place a person into religion as created on Earth, but rather bring the person deeper into their own faith towards awakening and enlightenment. This reaffirmation strengthens our spiritual energy and grounds our dedication in service of light and love in Unity and acceptance of all on Earth. We shall too continue to receive support from the Divine Beings as we tread the path of life and spirituality eventually bridging as One.

Therefore it is with this dedication that he continues to hold the wesak ceremony yearly in honor of his humble contribution in support of those who are seeking and in need, for everyone is all threading towards the same goal but through just different paths.

The Spiritual Force that you will be receiving during the ceremony at Wesak Valley of Himalayas bridges the connection between your Soul and your Ego Personality. You are empowered by the sacred mantra, reduces influences of your karmic debts and harmonizes your relationship with self and life.

Utilize this Spiritual Force that you have received with goodness, move forward and thrive. May your actions cause a rippling effect of compassion, and continue to develop the greatness of your character.

Yantara Jiro is in deep gratitude to have received the spiritual empowerment of Initiations from "His Eminence Kyabje Lati Rinpoche and Entourage of 26 Lamas from Gaden Shartse Monastery". These initiations of spiritual empowerment support in the spiritual work of Yantara Jiro.

To name some of the initiations he has received:
Lord Buddha Shakyamuni Grand Initiation
White Tara Initiation
Chenrezig (Four-Armed Kannon-sama) Initiation
Lord Maitreya Initiation 

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