The Lotus Mind by Hermes Trismegistus


Ascension Meditation
15th April 2007
The Lotus Mind
by Hermes Trismegistus

In this meditation, we bring our Mind deep into our Center and locate our inner Sanctuary where both our Heart and Mind merges as One.

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Lotus Mind by Hermes

As the energies rearrange itself within the energetic bodies. One must understand that the emotional and mental body is adjusting to the new oscillation rate of the polarities of the physical body. This process often results in deep self-reflection and questions upon own development and cultivation on the Spiritual Path. The 'identification' or awareness is the Key to release the boundary of the Self to assist into the deep field of the One.

As the Lotus unfolds within you, the petals as though facets of the Mind settle into harmonies and Joy is felt.

This one hour meditation guided by Lord Hermes will bring you step-by-step into your Mind and bring forth the Stillness within your body,

Please dedicate yourself to at least a full hour of focus, ensure that you are sitting comfortably. It is best NOT to lie down for this meditation.

Pay close attention to the process and simply allow yourself to experience.

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Om Sha!
Yantara Jiro

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