Goddess White Tara Mantra: Longevity, Physical Well-Being, and Healing

Energy Transmissions downloaded on 4/4/16
Meditation and Light Languages

Tokyo 2015, Sept 15
Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls

Music Credit: Eckart Tolle ("A New Earth" Book Talk on Oprah Winfrey Show, Theme Song)

All Vocals: Yantara Jiro
*Best with earphones

Inspired and guided by the Nature Light Beings of Yakushima Island, Japan (Unesco World Natural Heritage), to offer the sacred mantras for opening the heart chakra to Pure Love.

For just 3 minutes, relax and feel your heart chakra opening and becoming brighter with your every easing breath. Allow appreciation and love from Nature to flow into your mind and heart space; Inviting you to reconnect with the sacred Earth. 

Aryavalokitesvara Bodhisattva (Goddess Kwan Yin)
Gate Gate Para Gate Para Sam Gate Bodhi Svaha
(Go Go Let's Go, Lets All Cross over to the Shore of Enlightenment!)

Compassion and Kindness to ALL!

Arcturus Transmission Activations (3 Parts)

This activation is a 3-Part Series which provides a complete routine energy work from the Arcturus. It is designed from the transmission of the Arcturians received in a meditative state by Yantara Jiro, for the purpose of lighbody activations and chakra upgrades.

Activation Series Part 1 seeks to fine-tune your spiritual antennas, clearing vibrational parasites, and recalibrate your energy field so as to assist your energy body to integrate and function more efficiently.

The Activation Sounds are known as the Light Language or Words of Vibrations. They are Holographic spherical mandalas when visualized and is rapidly transmitted through the medium of sound to the receiver's physical and vibrational body.

Through attentive listening, openness and relaxation, listeners will likely experience tingling sensations on mostly their palms, crown chakras and other chakra areas of their body.

We recommend listeners to repeat 3 times per session and have plenty of water.

Part 2
Part 3

888:  8 August 2019, Lion’s Gate Activation Concert with Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls

 Relax and close your eyes. Ease into your sacred space and embrace all sounds into your inner being. Only All that is which is aligned to your highest potential shall flow through you. Enjoy the acoustic energetic downloads from 888.

Ancient Song ~ Source Expansion Ascension Meditation

June 2013 (Summer Solstice Celebration)
Apex of Sun Pyramid Bosnia
The World Largest Discovered Pyramid
Yantara Jiro
as the host with Clare Russell & Friends with more than 25 nations gathered for global peace meditation and singing!

Yantara Jiro's Debut Album ~ STAR JOURNEY

Simon on the Sofa withYantara Jiro

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