10,11 & 12 March 2017 (3 Full Days)
10am – 6pm
S$1,100 (Early S$880 by 25 Feb)
*Workshop requires a minimum of 4 participants to commence.
*Cancellation Policy: Refund 50% of workshop fee for cancellation from 25 Feb to 3 Mar 2017.
 Strictly no refund for cancellation after 4 Mar 2017.


“Light Language” is a series of harmonic sound produced 
verbally that mimics the waveforms of light. In the ancient times, it was known as “HIBURU”, it is also known as the “PRIMAL SEED LANGUAGE” - A Language that has the power to create Universes! It is being used in ancient mantras containing many Divine Names.

“Light Language is accessible to everybody and is growing fast to be recognized as a powerful and respectable form of energy tool where people uses it to explore the subtle body, and as a tool for spiritual acceleration, channeling and healing – Opening doors to infinite possibilities. ~ Yantara Jiro”

Unlocking Higher Consciousness

Every one of us is able to speak the “Light” if we allow it, using sound that is aligned with the pure intention of Source as guided by our Mind and Heart, we can speak, sing or tone these sounds to affect the nervous system producing profound effect of healing and entering higher states of consciousness.

“Light Language” is a respected Art of using sound from the human voice as a sacred form of energy expressions. Re-awakening this ability also means the DNAs spiritual codings and brain wirings are now strengthened to access the quantum field of Universe. Information as downloaded through the mid-brain, pineal gland and pitutary gland and translated as sound through the human voice will then affect and influence the DNAs of all living things, and especially the consciousness individually and collectively into their highest potential.

Since 2004, Yantara has been speaking the light language in private sessions, workshops and energy work at conferences, seminars for individuals and groups.

In these 3 days workshop, Yantara will bring about activations for the DNAs within you to speak the “Light”; Learn about the intricacy and beauty of Light Language, receive guidance and support on how to bring out your own personal light language skills and abilities.

Upon completion of this workshop, you would have covered:

Day 1 – Understand / Activation / Practice

-What is “Light Language”?
-What is the origin of Light Language?
-Discover the Universal World of Light Languages
-How to prepare yourself to speak Light Languages?
-Linking Heart and Brain to resonate
-Activate the Power to speak your Light Language
-Cohesive Heart Meditation
-How to use the Mid-Brain and Pineal Gland to access vibrational information
-Explore the spectrum and styles of Light Languages

Heart Mandala 2

Day 2 – Activation / Encoding / Applications of Light Language / Hands-On Practice

-Physiology and Anatomy of Light Language Transmission
-Hermes-Thoth sacred sounds activations for Light Languages upgrade
-Expanding your Light Language vibrational vocabulary
-How to translate your Light Languages?
-Opening the Heart through Light Language Mandala

-Essential Basic Steps to an effective light language session

Day 3 – Creative Applications / Hands-On Practice / Co-Create

-How to use Light Language to work on chakras
-How to do card readings using Light Languages
-Using cards and light languages to do energy activations and healing
-Applications of Light Language (Healing/Meditation/Activations/Clearing)
-Learn about the importance of Vibrational Integrity
-Daily Applications using Light Language practices for self-empowerment


Listen to the rhythm the heartbeat of this Universe and you shall hear the song of love.

An extremely interactive & pleasurable workshop!

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10,11 & 12 March 2017 (3 Full Days)
10am – 6pm

S$1,100 (Early S$880 by 25 Feb)
*Workshop requires a minimum of 4 participants to commence.
*Cancellation Policy: Refund 50% of workshop fee for cancellation from 25 Feb to 3 Mar 2017.
 Strictly no refund for cancellation after 4 Mar 2017.

“Certificate of Completion” Pass Exam Course with 80% and above (Multiple-Choice Questions)
*For advancing towards next level.


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*Writing Materials

*Digital Voice Recorder, No Video (For Personal Review)

*Wear Loose Clothing

*Oracle Cards (E.g. Doreen Virtue, see below), do not bring tarot cards.

*Keep your body hydrated


What is Light Language?

Light Language is a very beautiful, unique and empowering way of expressing vibrations, feelings, thoughts, shapes and colors verbally through sound. In these 12 years of expressing light language to people around the world, I have observed that light language is not only capable of stimulating the cells to invoke well-being, it is also an excellent tool to bridge the understanding of time and space for greater expansion of growth in life. It can help people experience the feeling of Oneness/Unity. I have used it to fine-tune and access my right brain, stimulate and develop an intimate relationship with my pineal gland.

When people ask me whether light language is something that they are able to learn, I always say to them that it is not about learning, but rather is about allowing, and be provided the opportunity or given a platform to express the sounds that are already within them. To begin without the need at first to try to understand what it means, but rather allow the natural rhythm of the Universe to guide you through.

The understanding shall occur when communication between the right and left brain are able to establish a picture sensation effect or evoke a ‘feeling’ within the body thereafter translate into a ‘knowing’. Many people have also asked me, “Why do we need to speak light language, why not rather just communicate in a structural known language such as ‘English’ instead?” My reply is, not that we ‘need to’ but rather if we are intrigued, fascinated or being drawn into wanting to experience otherwise through expressing our feelings and thoughts in a different way. E.g. Music and painting has always been used to convey messages and feelings to the world.

Light Language or “Language of Vibrations” as Sound can be spoken or sang without the need to construct using proper grammars or tenses giving the person absolute freedom to explore in the infinite field of expressions. It does not follow rigid laws of harmonics or the need to produce musical tones. It however only follows the heart and mind of the person who is expressing the sounds. This gives the person who is speaking or singing the ‘language of vibrations’ an opportunity or reason to connect more deeply with their emotions and thoughts.

When we begin to connect the dots and lay them along with the principles of vibration - the physical-emotional-mental well-being of all living consciousness, ‘Light Language’ suddenly becomes a powerful medium to transcend beyond the logical into the creative, thus producing profound effects on the body-emotions-mind-spiritual.

And as such, it is of great joy that I am truly and always thrill to share and provide spaces for people to experience and express the sounds within them, and thereafter share on how to utilize and enjoy it further for growth, expansion and transformation!

Main Profile


Yantara Jiro is a singer, visionary and inspirational leader in the field of energy and holistic healing transformation.

Yantara inspires to spread the message of love and harmony through music and the power of sound; creating platforms for people to step into their powers by expressing their inner voice. He frequently lead international sacred tours to vortexes such as Japan, Mt. Shasta, Egypt, U.K and many more.

He travels extensively to facilitate his seminars and workshops in over 10 countries around the world. Yantara teaches by sharing through his journey of spiritual awakening and inspires to invoke the inner power within us into our personal alignment with Source so as to co-create with the waves of global awakening.

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