Private Sessions


You are Source Energy on Earth. 

Everything that you asked for is given. 

Nothing is held back, 
everything flows.

Yantara's clear guidance and knowledge comes from his intimate connection with Source, with personal realizations from the Principles of the Universe and wholesome Life Experiences.

"What You Focus Upon Expands"

"True Creation is a Mental Art"

Experience an intimate private session with Yantara Jiro to bring about the alignment and transformation you seek. Depending on your intentions and questions, Yantara will approach your session specially tailored using the most effective and effortless way for your personal empowerment. He has offered more than 4000 sessions around the world support individual transformations and connections with their own Source of Power.

Methods include providing mental and emotional shifts to gain clarity and re-wiring of perspectives, thus in the process release mental and emotional blockages.

And as needed such as:
- Healing on vital energy body promoting well-being and alignment with Source.
- Receive messages, blessings and personalized light language activations.
- Powerful coaching and breaking free from limiting beliefs and fear.
- Reconnecting with higherself and soul to receive guidance to move forward.
- Chakras clearing and harmony

This session is suitable for people who have questions and need guidance on such as direction in life, career, relationships, health (well-being) and spiritual growth; Finding a sense of purpose, healing and unity with Self and Oneness.

Each Session:
60mins (Bring a USB Stick for your Session Recording or receive via email with download link)

To book for an appointment, please email:
Or contact +65 8822-1129

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