30th Jan 2009 - Jupiter - Venus - Golden & Diamond Child

30th Jan 2009
Entering Earth in 3 hours for 3 weeks

We are here to deliver a message. We are the keys of the Universe translating in the response from the pulse of the Universe. In connection to the rays of the time that is related to the cycles of the sun, the vibrational field of light is entering into the transits of Jupiter, and will be connecting to Venus.

These energies will vibrate to the heart center and enter into the core vortex field of the human energy along with other nature kingdoms that reside on this planet.

As an overall vibrational field, it is magnetically connected to neighboring planets and will resume connection to all solar systems not far from this galaxy.

Please understand that we are translating from the source that is of the pulse.

The key to this connection that one can look into is to response in conscious action of the mind through a simple way of breathing and focus into the inner heart circuit.

This heart center of yours will naturally sync with the energy field that is coming forth from this pulse.

A translation of this vibration will be encoded into your brains and carry the messages into your cells and dnas.

Both planets as mentioned act as catalyst and transmitter to collaborate as a whole to unite the stars energies into a central core. When combined, these vibrations from these two planets will illustrate a change on human consciousness.

The passion and drive that determines the energy field mimic through the actions of daily response such as creative aspects of the human soul will paint the world with new passion that is align to the pure love within the heart.

The pulse coming from the galaxy has already been sent forth and will reach earth in 3 hours, it will continue to flow for 3 weeks.

When fully aligned to the central light column, feel the heart pulse in response to the pulse of the galaxy and connect to the center of this universe. Become conscious and aware of the unified energies from Jupiter and Venus aligning to the crown and breathe into the core of the heart.

You may ask for the purpose to receiving these specific energies in awareness and your relation to this awareness.

Trust your feelings and embrace the messages completely with peace, love and acceptance.

It will open you to new perspectives and awareness.

The unified energies are opening a geometrical gateway that is creating a starhole to the various vortexes on earth.

This is in preparation for the new vibrational light that is entering earth. The Diamond Child that will dawn the Earth with its brilliancy and radiant light.

The Core of the Earth is in complete response to this vibration and is welcoming this new energy.

We ask of your participation and intent to join in union daily for 5 mins, an awareness of this energy that is anchoring through your body into the Inner Earth. And as conscious light being we ask for this joy and love to continue as the new rays shower the Earth and the Solar Systems with this new beginning.

The Diamond Child will continue to anchor into the Earth and will reside as high vibrational beams of ray lights in the Inner Earth until ready vessels are prepared. The Golden Child will usher the new ways and the Diamond Child will display the undeniable clarity and path of Unity.

This ray will flow through the energy pulses of the Earth and awaken the people whoever flow through with it. These people will be the messengers and vessels to deliver this ray unto Earth and new ideas will be born.

Such is, from the inner to the outer.

May Joy, peace and love,
Keys of the Universe
We are complete

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