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Following are some of the materials for meditation, reference uses.
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1) To create a Standing Wave Column using polarities and pyramidal energies to create ions and magnetic induction for environmental purification purposes.
Download instructions on "Air Purification Technique by Lord Hermes"

2) Hermes' guided meditation - The Lotus Mind (1 hour) RECOMMENDED
Objective: Achieve Stillness, balance of polarities, bringing forth the inner peace and love.
15th April 2007 Listen Here

3) Reflections and Self-Realization messages: Online Blog
4) Lord Hermes mantra: OM SHA LE KELOM BUAH
5) A Gift from Cosmic Flame I AM: Cosmic Rainbow Healing Technique
6) 30th Jan 2009 Article: Jupiter & Venus - Golden and Diamond Child
7) 26th Dec 2009 Article: 13:13 Gateway & "Leridoyita" Space Route to Triangulum Galaxy
8) 28th March 2011 Article: The Power of Your Voice
9) Harmonic Overtoning Meditation on Youtube
10) Ancient Song ~ Source Expansion - Light Language Activations on Youtube

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