Doni Amoris visits Singapore April 2020

Experience the Unified Powers of Nature, Colours and Beauty with Doni Amoris, the award winning and internationally recognized designer and healer Doni Amoris combines spiritual practices with modern technological tools to expand our perception of the mystical exchange between our selves, the Earth and the Divine. Doni Amoris unique heart-opening workshops, healing works of art, and energizing meditation scarves have awakened people across the globe to a life of greater harmony, joy, and prosperity. His work has been exhibited in major department stores, galleries and alternative spaces and has improved people’s life across 12 countries.


Soul Rebirth: The Art of Doni Amoris
7:30pm - 9:30pm

Freetalk Doni April 2020

You are invited to very special evening to dive into the deep and beautiful space of Doni Amoris lifework as a spiritual healer and artist. Experience his soul enchanting Soul Images to receive a transmission of Source energy and meditation. Learn and experience first hand how his energizing meditation scarves uplift and increase the healing power of our spiritual practice. Join this evening to learn how to maintain higher levels of happiness, how to gain deeper connections to Source and your loved ones, and how to uplift your spiritual practice with the gifts that Doni Amoris has to offer.


“Dear friends, I am very excited and honored to receive this special opportunity to be with you in Singapore soon. As you know, in these challenging times there are no coincidences. We are all guided by a higher power to uplift each other, to walk each other home, and to be present in the space of our hearts. With clear commitment and with the love in my heart, my first visit to Singapore shall be of the highest good, honoring each and everyone who I get to meet. Clearly, the year 2020 is a time to come together and to activate deeper levels within each other towards living with greater happiness, health and peace. I look forward to co-creating this vision with you. Much love from my heart to yours.”
- Doni Amoris 

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Light of Oneness – Soul Image Ceremony® Workshop
by Doni Amoris with Sarleia Betty
25 April 2020
9:30am - 12:30pm
S$999, Early $899 (by 6 April 2020)


This workshop, we will create a special medicine wheel and energy grid by using flowers and objects of personal significance. This deeply spiritual process will open up an energy vortex, harmonizing the quantum field of our being, to heal, revitalize and rebirth a new you. 

Doni Amoris will record the energy of our medicine wheel to channel our Soul Image. Every participant will receive this Soul Image - a talisman to empower the beauty of your infinite light.


Join this powerful workshop to:

  • Invoke healing energy for your life
  • Transform limitations into opportunities
  • Manifest the energy of a new beginning 
  • Receive a Soul Image and channeled messages from Source
  • Receive a Sacred Mirror (Soul Image printed on bamboo panel)
  • Receive your Group Soul Image Scarf
    (made in Italy


This Light of Oneness - Soul Image Ceremony Workshop, will be facilitated by Doni Amoris and Sarleia Betty, who will combine their superpowers to guide you throughout this heart healing ceremonial process. 

This special ceremony is designed to harmonize the quantum field of your being, to heal, revitalize and rebirth a new you. We will be guiding you to build a medicine wheel with flowers, crystals, and objects of personal significance. Through the unique process of building this medicine wheel, we will invoke an intimate space for personal healing, insightful blessings, and deep-dive consciousness exploration. 


During the ceremony, each participant will receive an energy blessing, personally channeled for you by Doni Amoris and Sarleia Betty. Once the medicine wheel is complete and its energy vortex has been opened, we will then take you on a guided sound meditation with advanced crystal bowl vibrations, connecting you even deeper with Source and your own Soul Essence. Throughout the ceremony, there will be time to connect heart to heart and there will be space to support each other’s healing.


Divine Mother by Doni Amoris

Doni Amoris will record the energy of the medicine wheel through his self-developed photographic process to channel our Soul Image. The Soul Image is both, an energy portal and a work of art. It contains the vibrational essence of our soul light, our intentions, and prayers. Doni Amoris will also create a special scarf - using our Soul Image to manifest a wearable blessing to uplift the healing power of our spiritual practice.

Mandala, Soul Image, Scarf

The Soul Image will be a helpful energy tool in navigating your own spiritual journey and a talisman to empower the beauty of your infinite light. You may choose to deepen your connection to Source by using your Soul Image to increase the healing power of your spiritual practice.


Amoris will also create a unique healing scarf, which will be infused with the light of our Soul Image, sacred geometry and a message from Source. Printed in Italy with Love on natural modal fabric, this soft as silk 140x180cm luxurious scarf is a truly amazing wearable talisman. It will uplift the light of your aura and harmonize your energy flow. 

Upon confirmation of your registration, you will receive emails with information on "How to prepare for your beautiful workshop with Doni Amoris", and “Workshop Deliverables”!

This is a focused intimate workshop, seats are limited!

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Course Language is in English only. There is no translator.
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Harmony of the Soul
Private Session (60mins)
A healing ceremony with Doni Amoris
24 and 26 April 2020

In this private session, one-on-one ceremony, Doni Amoris will guide you into a meditative state to harmonize your relationship with Source energy and to re-connect you with your soul’s fullest potential. 

The Harmony of the Soul ceremony includes:

  • Removal of client’s conscious and unconscious energy blockages such as limiting soul contracts and traumatic imprints
  • Tracking and downloading of client’s missing energy codes (elements of soul energy lost due to trauma) needed to rebirth the soul into wholeness
  • Integration of the energy codes into client’s quantum energy field
  • Blessing the client with a channeling of spiritual energy into their heart chakra
  • After the ceremony, homework, support and guidance are offered to the client to deepen the healing power of the experience.


What is the soul? 

Our soul is the essence of who we truly are. It is a seed of starlight containing the highest vibration of who we are, and that is Love. The soul is, simply put, color and light information relating to our experiences in current, past and future lifetimes. The soul is a reflection of the Divine, an eternal part of the great Mystery, which infinitely expresses itself. 

What is trauma?

The human experience is one of energy. We take on energy all the time from our environment and from other people. When one gets hurt, all get hurt. We are all interconnected. 

Most people experience some trauma in their life. This can be through having an accident, separation from a partner, death of a loved one, or any other event that causes a kind of shock moment. Often trauma occurs when we are very young. The experience of trauma can be buried under unconscious behavioural patterns that we are stuck in. 

Recently, science has confirmed that the cellular information of a traumatic event can be passed on for seven generations.


To release the energy of trauma from our being and to rebirth into wholeness again, four things need to happen: 

1) Localizing and releasing traumatic energy from client’s energy field 

2) Retrieval of client’s missing energy codes needed for rebirthing their soul         wholeness

3) Integration and blessing the client’s energy field with specific energy codes

4) Support of client in their integration process - “Life after the healing” - to create long-term change

Through the experience of this session, clients often feel inspired, re-energized, and gain a deeper sense of connection and clarity about their life. To create a healthy lifestyle that will continuously support wholeness and a life filled with healing, personal coaching with Doni Amoris is highly recommended afterwards. 

The time has never been better to dive deep into the space of our soul, to explore our full potential and to connect to our heart space in order to manifest a beautiful life. 2020 is the perfect divine time to heal and change your life now!

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Course Language is in English only. There is no translator.
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