Rainbow Healing

Welcome to Cosmic Rainbow Healing attunement!

My name is Yantara Jiro and I am delighted to release this Cosmic recording that will attune your frequency and consciousness to the Cosmic I Am Presence.

When did this happened?

Cosmic Flame (Cosmic Consciousness) attuned a group of students on the 5th June 2007 to the Cosmic I Am Presence of the Neutrality Source - The infinite spiral of the Cosmos that represents stability, stillness, harmony, peace and love.

It was further guided that the 'Cosmic Rainbow Healing' attunement to be given freely, spreading these rainbow rays of light connecting you to the Cosmic vibrations. 

The objective of this modality is to bring forth the Cosmic Rays of the Rainbow Spectrum, creating interactions and unity between nations regardless of who or what they are through the Rainbow Spectrum. 

May the water be blessed with love and may it continue to reach and heal all life-forms who drink, breathe, touch or even hear the sound the blessed rainbow water.

To download into computer:

Cosmic Rainbow Attunement Higher Quality (42.6mb)
Right-click and save target as for a higher audio quality to burn into CD for group attunements.

Cosmic Rainbow Attunement Streaming Quality (9.51mb)
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You will receive the attunement through the transmission of Cosmic Light Language, this fast-rapid sound patterns will configure the bodies upon listening integrating light codes and aligning the Geometrical Structures. If you are not familiar with Light Language, simply allow yourself to be like a sponge and relax, intent for your heart chakra to expand with love and smile. 


AVOID ALCOHOL 3 days before and after the attunement. 

1) Switch off all beeping devices
2) Make sure that you are left alone for at least 30mins without any interferences
3) Have a glass of water with you
4) Sit comfortably, make sure your spine is straight, shoulders relaxed
5) Relax and send an intent to your body and mind to be at peace and ease

The Seven Cosmic Rays as gifted by Cosmic Flame:
Please understand that the color sequences do not follow the known rainbow spectrum.

1st Ray: RED

2nd Ray: GREEN

3rd Ray: YELLOW

4th Ray: PINK

5th Ray: BLUE

6th Ray: VIOLET

7th Ray: INDIGO

How to bring forth the Cosmic Rainbow Rays:

Visualizing the Rainbow Spectrums as Divine Liquid Light increases the essence and potency of these Rays.

1) Begin by toning 3 Oms
2) "I now call forth to the Cosmic Flame I AM Presence to bring forth the Cosmic Rainbow Rays"
3) Visualize the seven rays in its utmost Brilliancy, Vibrancy, Purity and Clarity.
4) You may work with all the rays or simply visualize any ray that your heart feels appropriate.
5) End with 3 Oms

If you are unable to tone 'Om' verbally, simply tone it in your mind.


Where has this RAINBOW attunement anchored to?

This Cosmic Rainbow has touched people across the world such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Italy, France, Nigeria, Canada, India, Germany, Australia, USA with so much more that it has become impossible to keep track of the latest figures.

We welcome and encourage YOU to help us spread this attunement freely, create a link for us in your website, forum or group share with us your beautiful experiences!

Blessing Water

Energize the water by placing both palms on the cup or a slight distance apart for about 10 mins. Taste the water to see if any change is experienced.

How do I perform long-distance healing with this modality?

Visualize these rays creating a Rainbow Bridge to the recipient and remember to intent for all the Rays to be in its utmost Brilliancy, Vibrancy, Purity and Clarity. Allow the rays to flow for as long as desired and end with three 'Oms'.

Do I need to direct the Rays to any part of the body?

You do not need to direct the Rays to any areas of the body as it flows through ALL aspects of the body, on all Levels effortlessly. If for any reason, it helps you to focus on an area, simply rest your attention on it and trust your intuition. 

Certain Rays may take longer depending on the body's resistance towards certain blockages already presence in the body. Simply allow the Rays to work its way through with love.

Seeing Dull or Cloudy Ray Color?

If any of the colors appear to be dull, cloudy or milky, that is one ray that needs to be cleansed through the body. Intent to work through your Will to bring forth the purest and clearest color of that ray to harmonize the dull ray on your bodies.

I wish to assist in spreading this modality, how do I go about it?

You may direct anyone to this web page so that they can receive the attunement, or download the 2 versions available on this website and post it to your friends or network.

May I receive the attunement more than once, is there a limit?

Yes, you may. However do not exceed more than thrice a week, and this means that each attunement should be at least 2 days apart. Drink lots of water!

Receiving the Cosmic Attunement is equivalent to a healing session from the Cosmic Rays.

Can I charge for playing the audio to a group or when using it for healing others?

This healing modality is a gift from Divine Source, no amount can be charged even its a private healing session. You may however request for donations if you are renting a space from a centre frequently to offer this attunement, and donate the funds received to develop a Greener environment. 

When you are spreading the love of Divine, assisting in awakening consciousness, the Universe will provide you with limitless abundance so that you can continue to spread this love.

Give because you want to, not because you have to

Where has Cosmic Rainbow Attunement expanded to?










Please email me if you need any further clarifications: jirogoh@cosmicrays.s

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