13:13 Gateway and Leridoyita Space-Route to Triangulum

Triangulum Galaxy

31st Dec 09 – 1st Jan 10 (13:13 Gateway and 

“Leridoyita” Space-Channel Opening to Triangulum Galaxy)

Dearest Radiant Friends,

In-between 2009 and 2010, the spilt half-second moment 13:13 Gateway will be opened. This gateway represents the peak of our expansion in 2009 and bridging into 2010 a Golden Cycle of the Year begins…

Coming into alignment, the moments and moment of 2009 collapses and enters into a new moment of collective expansion where billions of people around the world celebrate. 13:13 is the Gateway of the Inner Heart, the Inner Being – the Inner Source. It is the moment where billions of people focus for a spilt moment sending forth their magnificent desires for a brighter and greater future! A gateway of hope, new beginnings, new creations.

To connect with this gateway and be open to come into alignment, simply bring yourself into alignment with the intention of connecting to 13:13: 10 minutes before 2010 and maintain this connection 10 minutes into 2010.

Be in your Golden Light Body and activate with intention the Golden Solar Disk within your heart center. Integrate all emotional discordance of 2009 if any (usually flashes back as memory-visions/sound in mind) by breathing until your breath and chest becomes lighter and lighter. For some, this process may take a while.

This Golden Light breathing does not only unify 2009, but also unify the fears of the unknown of 2010 if any.

Official Opening Space-Route to Triangulum Galaxy during 13:13

It is also during this moment, that a Space-Route Gateway named “Leridoyita” (LER-RI-DO-YI-TA, see description below) between Triangulum Galaxy (TG) and our Milky Way (MW) officially opens. Many individuals over thousands of years who have been “traveling” in deep space exploring and communing with different consciousness, whether in this galaxy or other galaxies or universe – have been establishing connections to improve and exchange information with light beings of other worlds.

We are extremely excited and honored to come into alignment with beings from Triangulum Galaxy and have agreed to setup a Space Route that connects directly between TG and MW.

Our nearest Galaxy neighbor Andromeda 2.5 million light years away, and our second nearest is Triangulum 3 million light years.

On 15th November 2009, by aligning to the Central Core of Milky Way, we created a fabric of dimensional tunnel consciously, which then led us to the Central Core of Andromeda Galaxy. Having aligned to the new frequencies of Andromeda for couple minutes, we transited through to Triangulum Galaxy.

The representatives of TG shared that both our Earth from the Inner Planes and TM Beings will be setting up Inner-Planes Schools on each Galaxy. This could enrich our exchange of information and DNAs-RNAs expansion. It could trigger cellular memories for humans if any ancestral line comes from TG. We will also be sharing collective data of experiences through intergalactic Living Light Libraries (LLL) (See descriptions below).

We downloaded new templates of crystals with intention that enhances the life-forms of this planet and invited new DNAs of organisms from TG. These light energetic templates are carefully encrypted into Light Disks that comes into various shapes and colors. They fit in length no longer than a dinning plate. The textures and material of the disks are made from Keptinitenions (KEEP-TER-NITE-NIONS, a crystal material from TG) to specifically hold the frequencies of information. They are then transported through a space channel between galaxies before anchoring through a stable Inner Earth Vortex to the Inner Core for re-calibration. We are expecting in the near future to discover exciting new crystals, marine-life and new species of plants physically!

If you wish to explore TG during this period and join in the Official Opening Celebration with lots of light beings, here are some of the suggestions:

0) If you are visiting TG during 13:13, 10 minutes between 2009 and 2010, I would suggest to check if any all emotional discordance is still in your vibrational field…breathe into it before going to step 1.

1) Relax and come into alignment to your Source within, breathing well and feeling good.

2) Connect to the Sun in your heart center and the Inner Earth Sun and unify with it completely as one.

3) Using your intent, direct your attention to the Central Core of our Milky Way Galaxy and merge with it.

4) Simply relax, allow and flow.

5) Request the Galactic-Space Gateway Light Beings of our Milky Way to assist you getting on to the Leridoyita Space tunnel. There will be arrangement to join in the flow - this will be similar to the Deep Sea Current channel that loops in our ocean.

6) Arriving TG will then be Free-and-Easy. It is always comfortable to invite a guide from TG to introduce you to this new world. Learn about their lifestyle etc.

7) Coming back simply return to the same gateway. You will reach Earth in no time. 

Sharing in Triangulum Galaxy
Currently there are openings for application if you would like to share at TG Inner-Plane School a.k.a Playground as a lecturer, a friend, a lover, as your Source. They also have new exchange programs that you can participate and discuss with the Inner-Plane Playground advisor “Manjiska” and “Sunrulye”. Both of them will be able to assist you if you are interested.

As a humble being of Source energy from Magnificent Earth sharing - Your audience will be inspiring light beings from TG, home to estimated about 30-40 billion stars. It is important to note that you can set your intention to balance your time here on Earth and on TG.

There are also projects involving research about water (liquid vibrations capable of sustaining life) on Earth and in TG. The departments involving this research are located a distance away from the Galactic Core of Triangulum. Over millions of years, they have established a concentrated figure of near 600 cities that focuses on harnessing the energies of their Suns and other vibrational essences essential for their life expansion. TG is also looking at expanding and may unify with other stars or even galaxies in future.

We hope that with this new Space-Route opening, it will bridge our connection with the Light Beings of TG in an even more interlaced relationship of love and unity. It will enhance and improve our experience and exploration as Source energy collectively.

We delightfully invite you for this gathering and it is of great great joy to be sharing with you radiant friends!




Living Light Libraries can be found in many places on Earth and they are all linked through the Inner Earth tunnels and Light Grids of the Galaxies. They served as a center of focus that vibrationally updates and upgrades in all aspects as collective consciousness grows and expands. Just as important as our earth library sharing with us recipes of our favorite pies and cakes, sewing to building homes to encyclopedias of all sort. LLL contains vital information about light templates of our origin and other consciousness, an important source of our reference in expansion as Source energy.

In Singapore, one is available to connect beneath the Botanical Gardens if you tune-in. There are several gateways to this LLL in Botanical Gardens - one is located in the Central Core of the Map - opposite the “Symphony Stage in the Palm Valley and another entrance through “Eco Lake” near Bukit Timah Road.

The gateway is a huge standing etheric diamond crystal, raw-cut oval, internal components liquid light filaments of fabric that also links to other vortexes in Botanical Gardens and other reservoirs.

LLL of Botanical Gardens is located beneath the ground etherically about 75kms. The size of the library though is vibrationally adjustable, in average it is about 16kms in diameter. This Light Library has many levels and corridors, totally vibrationalized for easy navigation of the space, location of books, reference section and multidimensional cross-reference with other Star-Libraries such as those in Sirius, Arcturus or Pleiades. 

It will be helpful to download the map of the library etherically to your brain centers when you arrive.

In-terms of Earth years, BG LLL is quite young. It was established in our linear time about 70 years ago. In multidimensional perspective, it has expanded over 15,000 years worth of growth and experience in just 70 years.

There are no copyright issues in the library. It is always nice though to state where you receive the information from and who. All books are either read or downloaded from the library into your vibrational memory. There is no borrowing system.

Feel free to visit this library during meditation and enjoy a cup of tea. Finding your favorite spot in the library to read a book is easy…just create one.


Is the space-route gateway we named as a collective (a group of physical friends) during our visit to Triangulum Galaxy. This name was received on 15th November 2009 but was already vibrationally created months before the actual group meditation.

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